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  1. So now we have the head of the Met Police asking the government to change the law so they can racially discriminate against white people applying for jobs with the Police. WOW! JUST FUCKING WOW Yet again, actual concrete proof that it's now those on the left (show me someone right of centre coming out with such extremism) who are the real extremist, shit stirring racist cnuts. It's time the Government started to stand up and fight back against this evil and start by firing Cressida Dick and revoking her peerage.
  2. It is other peoples problem though! There are some people who can't have the vaccine for medical reasons and there's also those people where the vaccine isn't as effective as it is with majority of the public. So, those people who are refusing to have a simple jab, are directly responsible for keeoing the infection rates notably higher than it could be and are putting other peoples lives at risk. I'm usually onside with the right of centre civil libertarian stuff, but not on this. The vaccine should be compulsory for every person who can safely have it.
  3. While a rise in cases was expected the rate they're now starting to rise is a bit concerning. There's a good chance the lifting of restrictions next month might have to be delayed at this rate. The vast majority of the population have done their bit. The buck stops with those who are refusing to have the jab. You're in and out in next to no time, so it's downright fucking stupid, selfish and irresponsible to not go ahead and do you bit for your fellow citizens.
  4. Agreed! Part of what makes football such a great game is, one team can be clearly better than the other, be clearly better on the day but still end up losing the game. We should never have got through against Barca, but the lads fought like their lives depended on it and look what happened in the end. I'm the world's worst predictor and gambler, but I reckon the odds are about 60/40 in favour of City, but 40% is still a pretty good chance.
  5. In 2018 Victor Davis Hanson, an American classicist and military historian asked this " How, where, and why has the USA now arrived at the brink of cival war." He is by far from the only one saying and thinking this nightmare is on the way, so as terrible as it is, its no wonder Republican states like Texas are letting people tool up unrestricted. Only last week while watching a live animal cam, three Americans started talking about the shit going down in their country. After a while one of the members had to leave and parted with the ominous words of "keep your powder dry guys" t
  6. For us to win. I think its just going to be a case of the luck going for us, like it did in the recent league game. Against their strongest 11 this time, Can't see us scoring more than one goal, so a lot will depend on them missing a good few chances and Mendy making saves. So, a gritty but lucky one goal win for uu or a fairly easy win for them.
  7. Yes, to be fair that sounds pretty terrible. I've seen the views from high up in the away section, and as someone who has a big fear heights, there's no way I'd sit up there. Looked not only very high, but quite steep too which makes it look even more scary for a whimp like me.
  8. Doubt they'd sell, but I'd like us to put an offer in for 18 year old Utd player Hannibal Mejbri. Really talented lad and exactly the type of player we are desperately short of. Maybe not ready for the first team just yet, but he could be in a year so.
  9. But it's not the Brits abroad, it's just the English morons who want a tear up once they've have a few beers down them. We're too liberal and don't take violence seriously enough. If I had my way id bring in ID cards and take the passports away from any of the those cnuts who can be identified. On top of that I'd ban them from all pubs & clubs for a few years. You'd very quickly see a dramatic fall in violence, if such measure were introduced.
  10. I cancelled my Sky subscription when they introduced PPV, because I felt it was a rip off paying for something twice. But a one off event which we only get to every now and then, is a bit different. Back in 2012, Chelsea didn't sell out 4000 tickets for the semi final second leg at Barca, so this is not the first time our fanbase has been shown up. Big following around the world, but the home support isn't what it could be.
  11. I don't think Kepa had a problem with the mental side of his game, until he lost the plot in the Cup final. Never the same from that moment on really.
  12. You are correct. Will say no more in this thread. Explained where I'm coming from on this in the Politics thread.
  13. I've never lived anywhere near London and over the years its cost me a great deal of time and money to go and watch Chelsea. I had choices to make, follow Chelsea or spend the money on the other things that i wanted to do or buy. I've paid my dues many times over. My decision to stop going to matches was made at the start of the season. You either have principals and stand by them, or you don't have any at all! Very different reason for me not going than those complaining about cost, restrictions or even not being able to spend more time in Portugal. As I said eàrlier, fans in much
  14. Seeing that you asked. No, I'm not going. Due to my very strongly held political beliefs I will not be going to anymore football matches for the forseeable future.
  15. Its not about the ticket office staff having the authority to resell the packages. Its about them saying the tickets were sold out when they clearly weren't sold out. Again though, a genuinely big club in England would have easily had enough fans to buy up all the tickets no matter what price they were going for. Its not like we had an allocation of 20,000 +. We could not sell 5,800 tickets for the biggest game our club can play in. The fans have massively let down and embarrassed the club! They've showed piss poor passion and commitment towards the club and I can see the consequen
  16. The cost of a good mobile phone, not a nice car.
  17. Some fans saying the club said the tickets were sold out. I do not believe for one second the staff dealing with the tickets would say they'd sold out with 800 of them sitting in their office. Not possible to be that stupid. Then the cost excuse. Again, one way or another all those other clubs would have sold out their allocations. Furthermore, the average Chelsea fan in West London has more money to burn than the average Liverpool fan living in their City. Yes, we have a good following abroad but they're not the match day fans. In terms of fan support in England 'we're a medium size
  18. Let's be honest. Does anyone think Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and other clubs would have sent back tickets from an already small allocation? This is a massive embarrasent for the club and fans from those other clubs can now rightly say we're not a proper big club, just one that's proped up by a rich owner. This is one very big reason why we should neve even think about trying to move into a 60, 000 seater stadium.
  19. Since when has Pep ever gone for players with a first touch as bad as Lukaku's? He'd look a right fish out of water in that team.
  20. Doesn't matter to the general public though. They see the state of Labour and would rather vote for Coco the Clown than let that lot into power.
  21. What I don't get is why some fans seem to be in hurry to get rid of him? Yes, he's had a disappointing season, but so have some others in the squad. We wait for years for our youth to finally break through but then want go get rid of them after one very difficult season in a very difficult year for every one of us. Surely we can wait one more year to see if he's going to be good enough. Same with Tammy, for me. Though i dont think Tammy will ever be good enough as first choice, I'm sure he's got enough ability to be a good squad player for us. Doesn't look like TT fancies him at all
  22. I'm hardly a big fan of William, but I do think some of the hate towards him is a bit OTT. He was another very frustrating player who never fulfilled his potential and his body language on the pitch left a lot to be desired at times, but he did have some very good games for us too. Also, he never downed tools in the season of the three so called traitors. For sure, we should have moved him on earlier than we did, but all the same he's not deserving this level of stick.
  23. Sky Sports saying Willian wants to return to Chelsea. While I think he would have done better than CHO has done for us this season, it would be the wrong move to bring him back. Prefer to see CHO be given one more season to see if he's got what it takes to make it here as the right sided player.
  24. Johnson is not a football fan, so being the good old capitalist that he is, he probably just thought the SL looked like a good financial move for the clubs. So. being the populist that he is, he sided with the people once he found out what they wanted. Johnson says and does a lot of dumb things, but despite all that people vote for him in huge numbers because they see he tries to do what's best for the country as a whole. He's an old school, Harold Macmillan, One Nation Tory. Exact opposite of someone like Thatcher, who had very strong principles (Tony Benn admired her for that) and s
  25. True, but he's just one individual though with little power or influence. The NBA and its players are the worst for this. In your face activism but complete silence on China simply because they make a lot of money from China. Their morals can be bought...yuck!!! The worst individual sporting hypocrite has to be former England Cricket Captain, Mike Gatting. Those old enough might remember he captained a rebel tour to South Africa during the sporting and cultural boycott. Now, even though I fully supported the boycott, I still think Gatting and co had the right to go there and play
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