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  1. Yeah, forget the theworldwide health and economic crisis. He's a footballer and has the God given right to screw an industry out of every pound he can get from it. It just gives a bad impression of football and at a time when there are signs that people are losing interest in football and sports in general.
  2. IHaaland and his agent might be in for a rude awakening when they sit down and ask for that astronomical salary. Such greed in times like this.
  3. I'd rather we start thinking out our loan army of players who look well short of the level we need and make room for new players to come in. Connor really looked a very average player in a team that got relegated, so imho he's one of those we should be moving on. 15 mil is a decent price for him.
  4. Because the same lies are repeated back to me over and over. Anyway, you've just completely exposed yourself with the white grievance shite. It is now very clear where you stand on discrimination and who the real racist is here. So I'll leave it at that with you
  5. Palace want Connor Gallagher for 15 mil. Have to be honest and say I don't think Gallagher looks close to being good enough for our first team, so I don't see any point in keeping him here. A club the level of Palace would be a good move for him.
  6. Broadly agree with you there. Of course there are racists in the UK, but there are racists everywhere in the world from every race, creed and colour. But if we were an institutionally racist country, there would be no way of hiding it. We've just had a committee gave a look into it and they found no evidence of it. Sadly, there are a section of population who just hate this country, it's history, it's historical figures, its culture and it's free speech. Hateful enough of this country to lump Brits (white Brits, anyway) in with the likes of Nazi Germany, America, South Africa, R
  7. You've now reached the point where you're unable to challenge the statistics about discrimination towards White Brits, so you're reduced to deleting and that's on top of saying Home Office data is a lie, which is exactly what I said you would do if you cared to take the time to look at the data. See it absolutely evewhere where the left are in control of social media outlets. You have absolutely nothing to come back with except insults from your little bubble of like-minded Wokes, and eventually end up censoring. What does that tell you?
  8. Can't challenge the facts so you once again come back with more insulting waffle that's all just inside your head. So there is no such thing as racism or discrimination towards White people then? Just a few examples for you. What would you call the Labour party having candidate selection policies on women and BAME's? Already the party has nearly 3 times the percentage of BAME people in the UK and Starmer promises to raise that percentage even more. The BBC have said they aim for at least twice the percentage. Once the BLM movement kicked off, the advertising industry
  9. The big issue though is the systemic racism bs. By law, every BAME citizen of this country has the same rights as the white Brits. And so they should have. And then there are areas of life where non whites are significantly over represented when compared to their percentage of the population - 11 % BAME, with 5 being Black and 6 Asian. Asian doctors. Dentists. Opticians. BAME hospital staff. Asian shop keepers. Asian restaurants. BAME fast food joints. Asian landlords and property developers. BAME newsreaders. Politicians. Black people fronting advert
  10. These gongs are thrown around like confettti and become meaningless when given privileged people in sports and entertainment. I know a young lad who used to do his shift at work and then go straight to the FB warehouse to do his voluntary work for a 3 hours. It's people like him who should be getting some kind of recognition.
  11. So then, going by that load of old psychobabble. We have millions of life long Lefties who've moved over to the Tories. By doing that they've somehow moved from being non racist and smarter than the regular Tory voter to being as racist and as dumb as them. And what about the floating voters who switch from one party to the other?
  12. And that's why I don't even look at newspapers. A couple of months in the house of commons the home secretary read out the actual Home Office figures on deaths in police custody from the last year. 16 people died, 15 of them white. Was Tracy Babin concerned about the 16 deaths (as she should have been) the majority 15 deaths or the one death? I think you know the answer And over the last 10 years, 10 black Brits have been killed by our police and 124 white Brits killed. If you want you can start talking about American crime stats, but I'll warn you that won't like wha
  13. You dodged the question about Tony Blair saying Labour is being destroyed by the woke left. And now you've added racist to the forelock tuggers slur as well. As I've said before, please do carry on with this.
  14. So Tony Blair is a "duped forelock tugger" then? I stopped buying newspapers over a decade ago. Wouldnt wipe my arse on any of them, left or right leaning! I get my information directly from live, unedited footage of Parliament tv or video footage of people saying or doing something. And as I've said before, along with that, I take the time to look at government data and and stats from organizations like the FBI. And again, you lot on the left will never look at or discuss the data because you know it's shits all over the lies being spouted by the lying cnuts in the La
  15. Standing up for Britain's interests will come across as intolerance to some others.I Iwould very much like to know exactly which countries saw the Cons that way. And then I would look at the racial, religious and ethnic make up of their countries and go tell them to fcuk themselves. Another thought. The "intolerant Cons" have had two female PM's and it's over 40 years since the first one. Meanwhile, the "progressive" Lefties have still not had a female leader of their party. Also, I would bet very good money it will be the Tories who have the first non white PM of this country
  16. No doubt there's been some genuinely extreme right Tories in years gone by, but even those on the right of today's party are still pretty much nothing more than middle of the road libertarians. Quite a lot of today's party are actually very socially liberal, with the most diverse cabnet in the history of this country! It's really just economic policies which seperate most of them from the average liberal or right wing Labour.
  17. It was instant transformation under TT. From looking completely shot to playing better than ever. It shows just how important man management can be at the top level. Some players need a bollocking while others need an arm around the shoulder. Love to know what TT did to get Rudi playing so well so quickly?
  18. Comrade Khan and TFL are the ones in charge of the tube trains, not the government. Anyway, I'm just glad I'm not a Leftie living in a country where their backward thinking ideology has and is being so massively rejected and populated by tens of millions of people which you have such contempt and hatred. Tis why I think the best way forward is to break up countries like ours and the USA. Give you your own country and get on with it. Just think, no more bogey men to blame for your life being shit. Your world will be perfect. Can have bestest person of the week competitions
  19. Tammy is always going to look like Bambi on ice, but he still scores enough goals to be a decent enough 3rd choice forward for us. TT has treated him as badly as Lamps treated Rudi.
  20. Again, carry on insulting Tories and all those who vote for them. That desperate tactic is clearly very well for the Labour Party Only last month Tony Blair (the last leader I ever voted for in an election) said the Labour Party is being destroyed by the Woke Left. You only have to watch the daily live coverage of the Commons to see what a train wreck of party it's become. Completely obsessed with their ever more extreme identity politics, relentlessly attacking the indigenous population for being horribly racist, and then they expect those very people they attack day in d
  21. Sorry, but your opening comments are deeply patronizing to the many millions of the working class who vote Tory.It also underlines just how completely out of touch so many on the left have become, because most of us have long since moved on from this hateful, devisive class war bollocks from decades ago. Thatcher giving everyone the right to buy their council was the game changer! It's put more money into the pockets of the working class than anything Labour ever did for them. As for Johnson's private life. I couldn't give a toss who Johnson or any other Politician
  22. Not as funny as Macron getting his face slapped by a woman in a crowd the other day. Anyway, the only "friends" Boris needs are the voters and he always has plenty of them when it counts. 48 % of the working class to Labours 31% and that gap growing all the time.
  23. But he's more of a replacement for Jorgi and it's Kovacic who I want ousted from the side first. Jorgi has his flaws but I can at least see what he does for team. I am completely blind to what Kovacic is supposed to bring. The absolute definition of a nothing kind of footballer.
  24. A big thumbs up to the hospital in America who've suspended all staff who've refused to have the jab. Should have gone a step further and told them they'll all be sacked if they do not make an appointment to have it. It's time all governments around the world stepped up and do the difficult, unpopular, but right thing to do in making it compulsory for all their citizens to have the jab and then introduce the covid passport. After all, we brought in drink driving laws to protect lives. Crash helmets, smoking indoors, speed limits on roads, drug laws. All restrictive on what people
  25. I must admit I've never seen Sancho play, so I can't even give an opinion on what I think he's worth. I will say though, I've seen and heard quite a number of people say he's hugely overrated and won't be all that in the Premier League.
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