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  1. Agree with that, but why is everyone ignoring the age old problem of Kova, Kante & Jorginho? Looks like we'll be going with a back five and any two from the above three. That leaves us with just three players to create and score the vast majority of our goals and that simply isn't enough!
  2. Smacks of another panic buy. If we can't buy a striker of class, then save our money and spend it on a different position.
  3. To be fair, they are making slow but steady progress under him.
  4. Yes, first black manager in the top division and to this day, still the only black manager to win a major trophy. I have read that Ken Bates was actually a supporter of Enoch Powell, so credit to him for being prepared to put his personal politics aside and hire someone he thought was the best man for the job. However, he loses points for sacking Gulllit over a stupid contract dispute at a time when we were second in the league.
  5. I don't find it depressing because I accept where we stand in terms of how big a club we are. We're a big club, but we are not one of the real Euro superpowers in terms of history and massive support - Utd. Liverpool. Barca. R Madrid. Bayern and maybe Juve. We're in the group a level below those mega clubs.
  6. I don't see James staying at Chelsea if he's going to become a bit part player and moved around in different positions. He's a bit of an odd one to judge at times and ooks better than he actually is. Good, natural striker of the ball into the box but far too often he's poor with his accuracy and his attacking stats are very telling. He might get better, but at the moment he's not doing enough.
  7. After failing to land Conte, Spuds should have taken a punt on Potter, a young, hungry manager with potential who might turn out to be as good as Poch was for them. Fonseca is about as uninspiring as they get, so sometimes I have to feel a little bit sorry for those long suffering fans who never get to see their team even win an egg cup.
  8. Yes, but it's not quite the same level of what Maradona did with Napoli. We'd been seriel winners of big trophies for years who just happened to have a terrible season on and off the pitch the season before. Napoli were a nothing club who'd never won the league before Maradona. He took them to the title twice and they haven't won it since then. Imo, a greater personal achievement than winning the World Cup with Argentina.
  9. You're not going to end up in court for calling someone a boo boy! What can get you in court is posting comments like I've seen on a Liverpool forum, where a member has called for the killing of a right of centre political commentator who speaks out against BLM. Good old tolerant, liberal Leftie for ya. Speaking of abuse at matches though. I've already said I don't support the booing of players taking the knee, and I think it's about time Chelsea fans stopped the hissing when we play the Spuds. I'm all for good natured dogs abuse at matches, but there's no humour in hissi
  10. Maradona doubled the attendances at Napoli and took them from a mid table team to the league title. That is proper superstar stuff and when a player is worth the mega money! I fail to see how we would ever get value for money signing a player like Haaland.
  11. Couldn't agree more! He gets to make full use of his pace and power in the wide open spaces he's presented with by these joke defences in Germany. We do not know how he'll react to finding himself constantly squeezed for time and space in crowded penalty areas against teams that park the bus. And we're not exactly blessed with midfielders who are capable of putting him through with deft passes. The more I look at it, the worse this deal would be.
  12. I have a non British mother. We have mixed race kids in our family. But please do carry on with this, as you're helping the Tories and your enemies everytime you speak.
  13. Brexit was about us taking back control of our money, borders and laws. Absolutely feck all to do with hatred towards French, Portuguese, Italians, Africans or any other people. Also, there are Tories who are staunchly pro Europe and many old school Labour Lefties who have wanted us to leave years and years ago. Not least, Tony Benn, the hero of the old Left. Branding the Tories and people who vote for them as racist isn't doing the Left any favours at all. In fact, it just drives more and more people away from the Left and into the arms of the Tories, as election after election ha
  14. I know a fair number of fans want him to move on but I'm glad he stay on and try and to make it at Chelsea. Next season is really make or break for him though. Needs to become a lot more consistent and start delivering end product. If he can do that then he'll have a future at the club, if he can't step up then it will be time for him to move on in the summer of 22. Oh, and a fucking huge no to Christensen being used in any transfer deal! He came on leaps and bounds last season and barely put a foot wrong after the Liverpool game. I rate him and Rudi as second only to Liverpo
  15. I was just pointing another Black guy calling out the BLM bs. Small number you say? Well, here's just a few other people I follow on YouTube. The Officer Tatum - 1.6 million subs. Candace Owens - 840k. Anthony Brian Logan - 873k. All Black and according to some, all of them are somehow White Supremisits. Then there's Ben Shapiro - 3.22 million subs. Ben is Jewish. So that's quite a mix of White, Black and Jewish Nazis I'm in with there. To finish with and on the life of someone very dear to me. There is not one single person who I follow who
  16. What "majority" have spoken??? If you think BLM and the woke extremists are in the majority, then you really need to step out of your little bubble. Furthermore, there's a poster on here posting litterally pages and pages of anti Conservative hate propaganda and talking about the fight against them, yet I'm the one with anger? But, finally, the non wokes have woken up and stopped being scared and are starting to speak out and take the fight back to them. Going to speak out against their evil lies, hypocrisy, violence and racism. It's them who are causing the hatred and
  17. It terms of him ever getting a top job again, it's a long road back for Frank now. His dealing with Rudi, shows he's got a fair bit to learn on the man management side of things. JT is going about learning his trade in the right way and this should stand him in good stead for when he steps into management.
  18. And yet another Black guy on YouTube saying exactly the same things as I do about BLM. This time it's a Brit, on a channel called Turning Point Uk and a few days ago he posted a video titled BLM why aren't you talking about crime? and talked about the complete silence on the insane violent crime being commited in broad daylight on the streets of this country. A decent, GENUINELY CARING, patriotic British man. Someone who I'd put my life on the line for in any Left Vs Right civil war. But to the Woke mob, he's just another Uncle Tom/racial gatekeeping/ race traitor fake N****r
  19. Before Werner had kicked a ball for Chelsea, i saw a good number of posts on forums from people who'd watched a lot of his games in Germany. They were all saying the same things - he's not top quality and misses tons of chances.
  20. There's also other factors that would make this a bad move. The pressure on TT to win the league would be enormous. Basically, it would be a 'win it, or else' level of demand. Way higher level of expectations on all the players. Unprecedented level of expectation on one particular player. Just imagine the media frenzy if he failed to score in his first couple of games. There'd be radio phone-ins just on Haaland. Being Champs of Europe + Haaland will get every other team extra fired up when they play us. It could very quickly turn into a bit of a circus and end up r
  21. Obscene transfer fee and wages which cannot be financially justified in any kind of way. A financial ball and chain of a deal and completely blowing apart our wage structure like this is another very bad idea.
  22. The lying, tree hugging Guardian Commie should step out of his tiny little bubble and get off his lazy ass and do some actual research on what this anti western, anti British, anti white, racist black power rmovement is all about. A fucking group who terrorised America for 6 months, burning down down buildings, looting everything in sight and threatening to burn down America, if a Cop guilty of a manslaughter case was not found guilty of first degree murder. Their relentless hate speech, violence and threats of terrorism should have been more than enough to have seen them be bann
  23. I've lost all respect for Southgate because he's downright lying through his teeth about BLM not being political. I would also ask him to come forward with the data to prove his opinion that this country is systematically discriminating against non white people. He wont because there isn't, as the recent committee found out after their lengthy investigation into systemic racism. Fans are booing because they have seen for themselves the sickening lies and hypocrisy surrounding this extremist movement and are sick of them being rammed down people's necks day in day fucking out. It d
  24. Managed to exchange Bakayoko for a box of shin pads.
  25. Mount might well be the better player at the moment. I'm just saying I think Foden has greater potential to be a truly great player. Foden has that sublime, elite level first touch and ball control when running with it. Great awarerness of where he is and what's around him on the pitch.
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