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  1. With respect Nikki, it shouldn't be a question of it being worth people of your age having it to protect you. You're very highly unlikely to fall seriously ill if you do catch it, let alone die from it. BUT, what about catching it and passing it onto someone in the vunerable groups who might well die from it? If the younger generations don't take up the offer of the vaccine, then that will mean the levels of infection will be higher than they could otherwise be and that inevitably means more deaths. I know we live in a Liberal society and i'm very thankful for that. But there comes
  2. Arsenal might not have much to play for but teams always like try and do some damage to their rivals, so they do still have that to motivate them. Also, as bang average as they are most days, they can still be a dangerous side on their day, so we'll need to be concentrated and up for it. Got 3 days rest now, which is very important!
  3. We need to accept the vaccine is protection against the virus, not a cure for it. As the scientists have repeatedly said, we're going to have to get use to living with it like we do with the Flu. There are years when we lose 20,000 + to Flu and nobody bats an eyelid. In time, we'll grow to accept the very sad. loses to the virus as well. Overall, its been an incredible, unprecedented effort to develop the vaccines and get them rolled out so quickly.
  4. Must admit that I've not been that impressed with James for much of this season, but that second half was as good as I've ever seen from him! Had Mendy on toast!
  5. Yes, absolutely massive 3 points today! With our GD we need a max 6 points now.
  6. Looking to the future. Even without new players there's still lots of room for improvement with Chelsea, but this City team isn't getting any better than they already are.
  7. There's no middle ground with Alonso! He's always been brilliantly shit.
  8. We should all know by now that Alonso running at full speed looks like a player jogging.
  9. I expected us to lose this game. I just hope we don't go and ruin our goal difference which is so close to Leicester's and Liverpool's. To be honest tho, this performance miles below what we saw against RM and once again, we look half the side without Mount.
  10. Sorry to say, Gilmour is simply not ready to be playing in games like this. He's offering nothing to the team.
  11. Does Werner know there is actually an offside rule in football?
  12. Just hope Christensen forgets about that mistake. Can't see getting anything from this now. Game over now!
  13. By the looks of it, he doesn't like what he sees from CHO. Have no idea what he sees in Ziyech tho.
  14. Does Werner know there is actually an offside rule in football?
  15. Some new players for sure, but not a huge rebuild. Ali is showing a few signs of life here and there. If the new manager can get him ticking again ( look at the huge difference to Rudi since TT arrived) and Bale gets fitter, they'd have have enough creativity and goals. Obviously need to keep Kane and Son though. They are just desperately short of quality defenders and look like conceeding every game. There's also the age old problem of them being mentally weak when the crunch time really comes. Even Jose showed no signs of being able to fix that.
  16. Think Liverpool will be out of it too, if they lose to Utd. Fingers crossed Wham drop points to Everton.
  17. He's 29 next month and Liverpool would probably want £100 million for him. Just no chance of us going for him.
  18. Yep, that's definitely Spuds out of the top four race now. Surely Kane will move on now. Done all he can for them and deserves to be in a team that can win a few trophies before he retires.
  19. Go with the same team which started against RM. They've had an extra days rest and had a much easier game midweek, especially on the mental side, so how much our lads have left in the tank for today will be crucial. Of course, 3 points would be absolutely massive but I'd be happy to come out of today with a point. Sadly, can see us losing by a couple today.
  20. Having mine on Tuesday. Apart from those with medical conditions, I'd make it compulsory for everyone to have one. There should be no need for doing that because everyone knows the jab is saving so many lives of our citizens. Simple as that!
  21. I looked at a few of our rivals forums after beating RM. Some Spurs fans give credit for the job TT is doing but by and large they trot out the "Plastic Club" stuff anf say everything we win is just down to RM and we'd be fuck all without him. Most Liverpool fans simply detest everyone and everything to do with the club and blame RA for much of what is wrong with football. Only lookt at what we spend on players and completely ignore the money we make from selling players. To my surprise, the Arsenal fans were pretty fair. Yes, there's some who say we just buy our trophies, but
  22. Played them 5 times now and not lost a game yet. They've also never scored more than one goal in any of those games. Got their number!
  23. Yes, Hoddle played a very significant part, but the person who really started turning the club around is the now almost forgotten Ken Bates. Spent years just trying to basically keep the club alive and at the Bridge. No money, shit stadium, horrible fan reputation and attendance's down to levels which would have seen us fold had carried on like that. We either went under or something big had to change and that forced Bates and the board to sit down and come up with a longterm plan.Bates publicly promised the plan would see Chelsea overtake Arsenal and become London's top challengers to Ut
  24. I honestly dont want to pick a MOTM because, for me this has been one of the very best team performances of the RA era! Apart from the couple of brilliant saves from Mendy, we bossed them and could have won by 4 or 5. We're there!!!!!!
  25. Must not sit back and try and defend this! Will only get comfortable with 2 more.
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