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  1. There's going to be some pretty tasty atmosphere's when the 'dirty half dozen' rock up to away grounds next season. Utd at Leeds will be extra naughty.
  2. Perez is saying no one has left the super league as no one has paid the penalty fee. He didn't said how much it was..... This twat reminds me of Chemical Ali during the war on Iraq when all was falling around him.
  3. Its been a truly bizarre season. So many of the top teams being absolute shite and should already be well out of contention for the top four, yet at the same time kicking themselves for not already having a place sewn up.
  4. All those teams are better than West Brom and Brighton and we've dropped 5 out 6 points at home to those two in the last few weeks.
  5. Yep! The simple and obvious way foward, which has been put forward by numerous people, would be to have the super league and make the Europa league SL division 2, with promotion and relegation between the two. That would also surely have to include promotion from the leagues into division 2.
  6. I couldn't give a toss about Basketball, but just watched something on YouTube about Lebron James and what he said about another incident in Ohio. What a truly vile, hateful, dangerous, race baiting, cop hating piece excriment he really is. Putting the life of a police officer at risk after the officer saved the life of a black woman about to be stabbed in the fucking head. So sad to see that country being torn apart like iit is.
  7. Mendy. If he's fit, then Christensen with Rudi. Chilwell and Azpi. Kante, Kova, Mount, Puli.Werner, CHO. Draw and we're done for top four, so got to dominate them from the off and go for goals.
  8. He's certainly nowhere near the "generational player" he was being hyped as, or worth the money we paid, but he's got more talent than you credit him with. The entire forward line is a disaster zone, no matter who we play and he really hadn't been that much worse than the rest. Having a rather languid style of play doesn't help him either during this poor run of form. Also, I do wish he'd put his foot thru the ball when he has a shot at goal, rather than trying to cleverly place it all the time. I think we'll know by this time next year wether or not he's going to be good enough f
  9. The 6 owners have been ordered to attend all Millwall matches for the next 3 seasons.
  10. I binned Sky donkey's years ago as soon aa they introduced their pay per view.. Again, I'm a staunch capitalist and fully support businesses need to make a healthy profit. But I always draw the between that need for profit and a rip off.
  11. Good post. However. Be careful what you wish for with this "fans voice" because if they ever get real power, Chelsea FC will be top of their hit list. Go on other fan forums and see for yourself how much we are being blamed for all this.
  12. I think a lot of our players are not of the level we need to challenge for the title. 4 consecutive years being miles away from challenging only underlines that fact. I put the importance of the team challenging for the title, well ahead of having nice things to say about players who I don't think are good enough, be they younger players or veterans. Simple as that! As for Roman. I think I've given perfectly valid reasons why I think now would be a good time for him to move on. Again, he's been brilliant for us and given me many moments that that have been amongst the best of my life. If
  13. When Western countries take sides or try and do something they get lambasted. When Western countries don't take action they lambasted for not taking action. Hmmm.
  14. PS. Please excuse the typo's. Using a small phone with no edit button.
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