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  1. Taking away Jorgi's 7 pens. A "shot" Bale, who hasn't even been a regular starter, has scored one goal less than our top two forwards tally added together. A truly shocking and embarrassing state of affairs which one might have expected have belonged to Sheff Utd.
  2. I got banned for saying exactly what I'm saying here - stating Home Office and FBI data. Some fms defended me but a few others were as intolerant as Vesper about anyone who spoke against BLM. Are we really now at the point where extremist propaganda is to be believed over actual facts which have been produced in the House of Commons by the Home Secretary, which prove those people are lying? Look at what I've said over and over and i challenge you to point out one comment, just one, that are anti Black or ethnic minority. Then look at Vespers posts, which have included racist sl
  3. Agree, but othets need to step uo too. Pulisic has been hugely disappointing this season. Talent is there but that's no use to us if he only shows flashes every 6 games or so.
  4. + top quality players. We have too many 6/10 level players who every now then play a bit better than that.
  5. Forgot to address this. Foodbanks started and grew under the last Labour government. In case you don't know, every single Labour government has left office with unemployment higher than when they got elected, so you cant put all the blame on the Tories being the ones responsible for poverty. There's always going to be people at the bottom, no matter which party is in power. Foodbanks are here to stay because they've become a very good way for the general public to consistently help those who can do with a bit of extra food, clothing or toiletries. Then there's the rewarding f
  6. We're going into the game on a real downer and will be torn a new one if they're at their best.
  7. I'd exchange Jorgi + Kova + Ziyech for Grealish.
  8. Well, we can hope for them all getting the shits half hour before kick off.
  9. Yes, but I'd give several of our shite for him.
  10. Surprised it wasn't ruled out for Chilwell farting near a Villa player.
  11. Doesn't matter. We all know Roman won't stand for this for too long.
  12. TT has probably got until next Xmas to fix this, or hell be gone.
  13. Oh yes, all for moving him on. Nowhere near the level we need.
  14. Yes, we don't deserve to see Spurs save our ass.
  15. Don't hate footballers. They do their best but some are just not good enough.
  16. Even if we somehow win the CL, I still want a number of these players sold. The likes of Jorgi and Kova can fcuk off to some mid table team where they belong.
  17. Forums completely dominated by far left who will not tolerate those who speak out against the BS. Just show me a racist comment I've made. Pointing out downright fucking lies with actual facts is not racist! Its going in everywhere. Just one of his filthy lies is that White people are going round hunting black people to kill them I'm not linking to the FBI website, so I ask you once again to go and look at the data for yourself. Look at the white on black murder rates and vice versa and then come back on here and try and defend the lies you are being brainwashed with.
  18. Nah, more like first goal and we're done. Used to have leaders tight through the spine of team but not these days
  19. We shouldn't be even competing for top four when the top scorer has a pathetic total of 6 goals. A lot of very average players in the team. Simple as!
  20. Oh well, there's always Saturday.
  21. Just electronic numbers being shuffled around though. Meaningless to the everyday life of people. There were no Billiionaires before Rokefeller, and back then the "working classes" had a great share in a steaming pile of fcuk all. Wealth created at the top trickles down to the benefit of all. These days, the "working class" are walking around with ,£500 phones in their pockets. When I was young, for years we couldn't even afford to have a phone in the house and that was with both parents working.
  22. If I'm angry, what does that make that other poster? Yes, I do get pissed at being likened to fecking Nazis,. You know, the crazed fuckers who murdered millions of people. And yes, I've been a volunteer for over 6 years. Related to the foodbanks, if you must know. Gave a fiver to a homeless begger yesterday, but I guess I'm telling lies because Conservatives dont care about the poor, do they.
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