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  1. Havertz is an average player in the PL. I still do not understand why we splashed 80 millions on him.
  2. Rudiger is all over the place to save us. Azpi seems to be lost. We would need a clinical striker, like Giroud.
  3. What a mistake from Christensen!
  4. Who is Havertz, the player with squared feet who never play that we bought for $75m+?
  5. At this rate, we can play for 100 years against MU without scoring.
  6. We spend £200+ million on new players and basically playing with the same team as last year, except Werner. Wow!
  7. Next time, Kante would get a red. Better replace him by Jorginho. And bring Ziyech, CHO or even Havertz.
  8. We need more creativity: CHO, Ziyech.
  9. He is not Mbappé or Haaland indeed.
  10. The pair Zouma-Rudiger is a disaster. We are nowhere in the attacking so far/
  11. Mount, Werner, and CHO are performing better. They are all first choice for Tuchel. But at the some point, he will need to rotate the team and Pulisic will get its chance to prove himself.
  12. What's happening with Kai? Why is he unfit? Bit surprising for a player we bought for £75m+
  13. We have largely overpaid players like Werner or Kai Havertz. 80 or 90 millions £ for the latter, while he is worth 30$ at best, what a waste of money. Germans keep laughing at the top-off. Same for Werner. Bang average player for mid-table Bundesliga team. Overall, Pathetic performance again today. But Lampard is not a manager for the PL right? Maybe French league 2.
  14. Jorginho should not be in this team / he is a very average player.
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