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  1. Chilwell and James is also pragmatic approach if you ask me. We pretty much won all the games that CHO started under Tuchel. He is constant threat as RWB. Definitely one extra offensive player. Tuchel is thinking about defensive part of the game but come on... We have 3 CBs, basically two DMs... We have around 65% possession... CHO only has to track back a couple of times and that is it...
  2. Slutsky strikes again Wow, I thought he is like 75yo, he is just 50!
  3. 14th best score (8th on west) after regular season is good result for them I think. Lets see what they do now. Play off time!
  4. More goals, more assists in around 1500 mins less?
  5. I know we lack creativity but this is clearly bullshit.
  6. I am a fan, especially if it is comparing him to Lukaku. Same minutes in Seria A. Lukaku 23 goals in by far best team in the country and Vlahovic 21 goals in team that almost fight for relegation. Same height but Vlahovic almost 7 years younger and much cheaper. So dont know why would anyone choose Lukaku over Vlahovic?
  7. It is completely irrelevant if Mendy would saved it. And I see a lot of talk about this. If Koeman decides to rest Messi in Copa Del Rey game (even final) and Braithwaite does not score in some attacking situation, their fans wont go: oh, Leo would dribble here past 3 players and score... Mendy is my POTY pick for this season and best GK in the league so it is crazy to expect the same from Kepa. You can blame TT tho. but Kepa does not deserve this shit.
  8. But both owners are Jewish, they should be friends and work together
  9. It would be nice for English footy to have 5 clubs in CL.
  10. I am surprised a bit he gets another PL job so soon. You can bet he will take some Chelsea players on loan. Conor probably.
  11. What a fuck is wrong with that guy? Scandal every time.
  12. Havertz as number 9 is fine. I am more worried about Werner because he would have to play either CF or LW.
  13. If Milan don't beat Atalanta away in the last round they will most likely miss CL. So will they buy Tomori? After that only hope Juve got banned.
  14. I absolutely find it ridiculous that people are analyzing Kepas game on pages over one world class shot while James who made mistake that lead to goal did not got a word. I mean, I also wont say a bad word about Reece but it clearly shows how fans have double standards. Lesser mistake from Alonso against WBA and he was crucified for so long from fans but also from manager.
  15. That is another season with almost 20 goals and 20 assists. Plus limited minutes, was injured a lot. He delivers consistently in the final 3rd and this is what we need.
  16. That Pool goal would not happened without Dean.
  17. Going to back 4 will raise other problems. We have 6 attacking players. CHO, Pulisic and Ziyech are wingers. Havertz is between number 9 and 10. Mount is midfielder and Werner is unique. I dont think playing with 4 at the back without wingers is option to even consider seriously. Who would attack from the flanks? What would happen to Werner?
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