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  1. Hope we win there again in 2025 final with CHO, Kai and Werner scoring.
  2. But White is also a lot more expensive than 4 times CL winner, 3 times LaLiga winner and World Cup champion. Barella was amazing in Cagliari and Locatelli is now great for Sassuolo but Rice will cost more than both! That is mental! English tax is crazy! Great that we have academy who could always provide us with 5,6 squad players at least. Because alternative is paying hundreds of millions for average players...
  3. Christian Poulsen and some random dude from Romania. Michy could join them with the move to Italy.
  4. Third player ever to play in all top5 leagues.
  5. Cant wait for Kepa to concede a goal in Carabao Cup for people to say he should be number 2
  6. 7 PL games in his career. 20 goals conceded. But does not matter, like others said, dont expect to see him play for us.
  7. There you go. Hopefully this will make happy moaners about lack of activity. Also how come The Athletic is so reliable about English football since they are American outlet?
  8. Last season we had 3 keepers playing.
  9. League 2 last season now League 1.
  10. But some of the comments are like today is 1st September. We will sign players! And we are only interested in top, expensive players. EURO just happened. Tuchel wanted to see some players in pre season before making decisions. We need to sell players also. Many reasons why nothing happened. City, Liverpool, Bayern, Juventus, Inter also signed no one. I am totally relaxed. Our transfers since sacking Conte have been great and Marina is perfect! City also want only Kane and Grealish. Deals like that don't happen overnight.
  11. I expect Havertz to score 40+goals next season.
  12. Crazy that Vlahovic last night in 35 mins scored more goals than any Chelsea player in 38 games full season
  13. How much game time Billy had? Gallagher or someone else can easily cover that role in the stands. If anything now with Jorginho and Kante being ballon d'or candidates and Kova doing good they established their place in team even further. Even if we sign guy from Monaco for example he would struggle to get game time.
  14. We didn't do anything because everything is related to Haaland deal. Everyone is fine with signing just him this summer because it's such a big fee. If we know Haaland deal is off I imagine Rice or guy from Monaco would be here by now.
  15. Henderson is decent keeper. Back 4: AWB, Varane, Maguire, Shaw. Probably best defense in the league if you dont count us but we play with 5. I heard now that they plan to replace Pogba with Saul so Bruno, Saul and dont know who is going to be 3rd guy? I like McTominay but not sure any of them is DM which they need. Cavani, Sancho, Rashford, Greenwood, James and Martial is attack that should provide goals but nothing crazy. Ironically they are Haaland and Rice (I dont rate him and dont want him here but for their boring football he should be fine) away from not having any we
  16. Pretty sure Roman promised him Haaland on the pitch in Porto after CL final.
  17. For such a low fee, do not understand why many other top teams are not after him? For Mbappe I guess everyone is aware that he wants only Real.
  18. After Conte winning title we spent close to 200m for 6 players. Plus 3 more in January. Many of them have been flops but that is different topic. And for now, TT wants a striker and club is doing everything in their power to secure most exciting striker in the last decade or even more... Not to mention he is going to be one of the most expensive players ever.
  19. Doesn't matter. This is so rare, maybe some kind of a record. Top teams play every summer against these teams and they get high wins but one player scoring 7 goals? In just 35 mins? Amazing! After all I think Spurs got knocked out by 4th division team lately.
  20. Vlahovic scored 7 goals today in 35 mins
  21. Surprised by no interest in Zouma from other PL teams.
  22. After we drop 150m, Haaland will push for the move when he realises that Jorginho is not any younger (30 later this year) so he would want one extra year to play with prime Jorginho
  23. In the last 8 games for Norway he scored just once in friendly. And all games have been against shit teams. He is definitely dependable on service behind.
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