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  1. Chelsea ace Charly Musonda in incredible body transformation after being given 20 per cent shot of ever playing again https://biohealth-ai.com/Chelsea-ace-charly-musonda-in-incredible-body-transformation-after-being-given-20-per-cent-shot-of-ever-playing-again/
  2. I do not use the word 'mojo' that is what tipped me off, lolol the rest actually does sound like something I would say, lolol cheers sweetie
  3. I do not know what what happened, but that not my quote it was
  4. His wages are massively higher than €404K (£345K) PW. That is less than what De Gea makes by a fair amount. You might be quoting net.
  5. who is Eric? surely you are not talking about Dier or Garcia or Bailly???
  6. pure corruption football is so broken La Liga have allowed Barcelona to sign Lionel Messi to a new contract despite the Catalan club exceeding the league's salary cap as it stands. https://www.90min.com/posts/barcelona-news-lionel-messi-new-contract-la-liga-approve-deal Barça have the highest wage bill in world football and are desperately need to cut it down to fall in line with the league's salary rules. They cannot register any new signings until they do so, which is why the likes of Junior Firpo, Francisco Trincao and Jean-Clair Tobido have all been moved on.
  7. the lowest I would wager is close to £600K PW, that £750K PW is the highest I have seen quoted Pessi is on what is approaching £2 MILLION PW, all forms of compensations included it is so easy to see how they get into a billion in debt just for those two players, on those wages, that is around £400m or so just in compensation over a 3 year period
  8. we will never pay that salary, it's staggeringly high low end it is close to £80m for 3 years high end it is close to £120m for 3 years depending on which source is correct fuck Barca, let them rot
  9. Fitzroy Park London N6 £3,650,000 Freehold Architect: Syte Architects https://www.themodernhouse.com/sales-list/fitzroy-park-2/ This magnificent four-bedroom house occupies an incredible position at the foot of one of Highgate’s most desirable lanes, overlooking three of Hampstead Heath’s ponds. Located between two private walled gardens, the house capitalises on its location in exquisite style, surrounded by wildlife and the bucolic outlook of Hampstead Heath, with delightful views of the boating and swimming ponds beyond. Originally built in the 1830s, the hou
  10. A neighbourhood guide to Shoreditch: galleries to visit and our favourite restaurants https://www.themodernhouse.com/journal/neighbourhood-guide-to-shoreditch/ For many, Shoreditch is the unofficial centre of London. The past few decades have seen considerable gentrification in the area: where there were once illegal raves and a counter-culture arts scene, plus textile and furniture-making industries, there are now Michelin-starred restaurants, creative agencies and Shoreditch House (though the area did always have cultural kudos: The Curtain Theatre, on the road of the same nam
  11. Rebecca Layoo and Roman Meyer on life at the brutalist-inspired Concrete Plinth House in London Fields, east London https://www.themodernhouse.com/journal/rebecca-layoo-and-roman-meyer-on-life-at-the-concrete-plinth-house/ Actor Rebecca Layoo and her partner, banker Roman Meyer, share a particular affinity for brutalism. His love for the architectural style was influenced by his upbringing in Switzerland, where he was surrounded by monolithic buildings; hers by frequent trips to exhibitions and concerts at the Barbican. So, when the couple’s first home, a semi-detached Victorian
  12. This trash Tory MP, Natalie Elphicke, took over her seat (Dover) from her Tory vermin husband, the currently imprisoned serial sex offender Charlie Elphicke, who at one point was Lord Commissioner of the Treasury under the pig fucker Cameron. A former Conservative MP accused of sexual assault "groped" a woman in his home before chanting "I'm a naughty Tory", a court has heard. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-kent-53309404
  13. unless Vlahovic can be had for a fair price, then, after Håland, nothing much interests me, as DCL is too expensive, same for a couple others the rest are big gambles or not good enough unless we try and make a move for Mbappe (IF we fail on Håland, obviously, as we certainly cannot buy them both, lol) we are insane if we bail out Barca by going for the 31yo-this-coming-season Griezmann, who is on a crazy salary (seen so many different quotes, from £500K PW all the way up to £750K PW)
  14. If we do not take advantage of these insanely low prices on super quality players, we have utterly lost the plot
  15. Lightning bolt kills 11 people ‘taking selfies’ in front of 12th century fort in Indian city Lightning strikes killed more than 60 people across India while heavy rainfall and cloudbursts led to flash floods in some parts https://www.independent.co.uk/asia/india/lightning-strike-deaths-amer-fort-b1882514.html
  16. Alisson broke his streak first https://www.goal.com/en/news/alisson-how-he-ended-jorginho-penalty-run-liverpool-monster/14i361jfpgtdm1k6fanht9vy1j
  17. lol that cunt's account was taken down hopefully his career is crushed racist fuckstick
  18. https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/247/Tournaments/124/Seasons/7329/Stages/16306/PlayerStatistics/International-European-Championship-2020
  19. The Christian Right Is in Decline, and It’s Taking America With It https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/09/opinion/religious-right-america.html The presidency of George W. Bush may have been the high point of the modern Christian right’s influence in America. White evangelicals were the largest religious faction in the country. “They had a president who claimed to be one of their own, he had a testimony, talked in evangelical terms,” said Robert P. Jones, chief executive of the Public Religion Research Institute and author of the 2016 book “The End of White Christian America.”
  20. Pogba, Verratti, De Bruyne: The 10 best midfielders at Euro 2020 have been revealed https://www.givemesport.com/1719970-pogba-verratti-de-bruyne-the-10-best-midfielders-at-euro-2020-have-been-revealed It's been a tournament to remember, with some of the best players on the planet gracing the championships. GIVEMESPORT takes a look at the best 10 midfielders at Euro 2020, with the help of WhoScored match ratings... 10. Granit Xhaka (Average WhoScored rating - 7.09) Xhaka has had his fair share of critics over the years but he was excellent here. The Ar
  21. he is being turned into a villain by the UK and US press on the biggest US political morning talk show, watched by 20 million plus, the hosts are calling Italy a thug team, boring, unskilled (in SOCCER, of course) roflmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  22. yet they keep trotting out the rinsed fraud Sergio Busquets he has been shit for at least 2 years go watch him get raped at Barca by dogshit teams the past 2 season even that Barca nutrider geordie assclown Ray Hudson now rips him at times he is close to the only thing I disagree with Enrique on Mancini and Enrique were by far the two best managers in the tournament
  23. just saw this what a cunt (not news) and the motherfucker cannot even spell her name right
  24. Should Chelsea wait for Haaland or sign a striker now and maybe miss out on him? https://theathletic.com/2697679/2021/07/12/should-Chelsea-wait-for-haaland-or-sign-a-striker-now-and-maybe-miss-out-on-him/ Pre-season training is under way at Chelsea and there is not a new, expensive striker in sight to play with. After winning the Champions League in May Chelsea were tipped to be title contenders for 2021-22, with the caveat that their chances of success depended on who they could bring in during the transfer window, especially up front. There is still plenty of time t
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