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  1. you have to look at their revenues though they jostle back and forth with Barca and Real for highest in the world the past 15 plus years Manure is a
  2. did you see Souness (of all people) defend the fuck out of Roman earlier?
  3. next Sunday is the 12th anniversary of that shitshow worst officiated game in post WWII European comp football we got RAPED by that cunt Øvrebø
  4. They have actually extracted hundreds of millions out of the club tbf Old Trafford is going to pot, it needs massive rehab lets look at the biggest transfers Lukaku and Di Maria were sold off at a negligible loss (only £15m total) that leaves (£50m or more) Pogba £94m Maguire £78m Martial $54m Fred (bust) £53m two more at £40m to £50m Bruno AWB all the rest were under £40m (two are at £40m (barely, like 200K) now when adjusted for inflation, Matic and Mata) for comparison Barca spent £400m (a
  5. 2020-21 English Premier League Tottenham Hotspur Sheffield United http://www.sportnews.to/mysports/2021/premier-league-tottenham-hotspur-vs-sheffield-united-s1/ https://www.totalsportek.com/page-5/
  6. and we were the first of the 12 to pull out I really think Buck sandbagged Roman far more than what is being let on
  7. I am DONE with the EPL if Pool are given 3 points for free and we end up missing out on CL because of that especially as their owners are ringleaders in the ESL along with Manure, JP Morgan, Real Madrid (Florentino Perez especially), Barca, and Juve (the Agnelli vermin are tip of the spear)
  8. they are hardly innocent victims here FSG was balls deep in the ESL shite
  9. there is zero chance that pool is given a free 3 points
  10. been talking about this since the schedule came out last summer brutal run in for the end
  11. Pools last 4 games SOTON West Brom Burnley Palace odd on they would finish on 69 points if they were given a fee 3 v Manure we are on 61 and our last 4 are Citeh Arsenal Leicester Villa with Grealish back
  12. hell NO if Pool is given 3 free points we are in deep shit
  13. delusional scouser cunts want a walkover 3 points
  14. Sky Sports presenter David Jones claimed that Manchester United fans "threw missiles" at them after breaking into Old Trafford.
  15. they cleared them off the pitch now game is still on
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