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  1. even she knows NOT to dress footballers in a goddamn short-legged ONESIE
  2. 2002 shit style is alive and well in 2021 those haircuts, the marks and sparks clobber just bleeech
  3. I said it weeks ago but its ONE main thing that I hate on the kits no, not the yellow stripe that so many hate its that the fucking pattern extends to the shorts and makes the kit look like pyjamas all they need to do is use sold blue shorts and I will not say anything bad
  4. only truly worrisome performance was Gallagher in that deep position he is a fish out of water there
  5. he was streets ahead of that 'mail it in' lacklustre shitter Alonso brewed up
  6. wooot 1 1 Baba with a nice pass to Broja
  7. shit sorry ass play and we get burnt
  8. what a cockup by Gallagher thank fuck they choked
  9. ffs, watching this is like watching bin n' busts + 'how the fuck are they still on the books??!!!' lists come to life
  10. but not to open a resto Danny Drinkwater's FoodWell restaurant loses nearly £2MILLION in its first 12 months and could face further losses after shutting amid coronavirus crisis as midfielder's nightmare continues https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8184359/Danny-Drinkwaters-FoodWell-restaurant-loses-nearly-2m-12-months.html
  11. If Drinkwater is actually in our squad this season, cyanide is on the menu
  12. you need to move out of Eastfields Estate m8, lolol
  13. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/live or
  14. I cannot believe the board signed off on this kit is is absolutely a fucking disgrace
  15. its worse live than I thought, and I hated it just from static pics
  16. damn, great save or it would be nil 1
  17. If you would have told me that in middle of summer 2021 I would be watching Lewis Baker play CB for us, I would have asked what drugs you are on
  18. Tuchel is going wild like its a CL knockout round match
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