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  1. Ings what a signing that will be who needs Haaland
  2. Rice won’t happen West Ham won’t drop there crazy value for him until next summer.
  3. Upset Madrid aren’t getting him lol
  4. Not really you can never believe anything these guys say positive or negative. imo I believe Chelsea will put in a bid will it be accepted who knows.
  5. He might stay, he might go but what do people honestly expect Dortmund to say? They are going to take a tough stance in public obviously it’s common sense people.
  6. Was he highly rated didn’t hear a lot of buzz about him?
  7. If kounde happens Sarr heads out on loan and Zouma probably leaves meaning there will be plenty of game time also probably means James will mainly be used at RB/RWB Sevilla also seem to be open to player swaps so I wonder could a player like Kenedy bring the fee down.
  8. What does he expect him to do stop and tell him everything ffs
  9. We are not going to sign Haaland next summer do you think we can compete with the 500-600k Madrid will offer next summer.
  10. Jorginho was our top scorer in the league ffs
  11. Come on after winning a champions League hope is not good enough has to be action can’t afford to sit still when people around you strengthen.
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