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  1. Would love to see Martial at Chelsea.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that its a decent design?
  3. Don't you think with the Europa league to deal with next season, keeping players like Mount, CHO, Ampadu, Tomori would be much beneficial as compared to loaning them out as they would most probably get regular playing time not only in the EL but also Carabao cup and FA cup and if some of these youngsters impress in these cup games, who knows they might even get cameos in the league. I think the EL league next season is our best opportunity to blood in some of our youngsters. Hopefully in time, Mount can replace the waning Cesc in our squad.
  4. In no way should Morata be sold but Baka? Trade him for a pack of crisps. Salah and KDB were always seen as high potential players who never got a chance at this club. Baka has been given a lot of chances and he has shown absolutely nothing to suggest that he could be worth anything more to this club than a mere squad player. I'd happily ship him off this summer. Ironic that we sold player like KDB so soon but now don't want to repeat that mistake so we're willing to hold onto a player with zero technique like Baka As long as we sign somebody like Ndombele or Seri, I couldn't care less
  5. I'd love for us to get in Leonardo Jardim if Conte does indeed leave. Jardim's record with youth coupled with the fact that he already is used to working with a restrictive budget all the while promoting from within and developing players makes him a very logical option for me. His teams generally are very entertaining as well so there is that plus he has won trophies too which gives him the edge over someone like Sarri.
  6. Where the hell is this guy?
  7. Ter Stegan Roberto-Pique-Umtiti-Alba Sergio Paulinho Rakitic Iniesta Messi-Suarez
  8. After watching Spurs thoroughly outplay Juve at their own patch, I started to give myself hope that anything is possible but then I remembered that we will have Bakayoko, Cahill, Alonso and Moses in our lineup most probably and then my new found hope faded away.
  9. Drinks has hardly featured this season, do you really think Conte will start him against Barca? Cesc will obviously start but only alongside Kante and Baka. Barkley, Ampadu, Luiz won't feature against Barca if we don't have any emergency situations mate and you know that.
  10. But mate I'm pretty sure Baka will start against Barca because we don't have any other option. We won't play with a two man midfield so it will most likely be Cesc-Kante-Baka, yikes. Conte does not rate Drinkwater (surprise surprise! Well done Emenalo) so Baka it will have to be.
  11. That's because he was signed in January mate.
  12. Will we really break our one year contract policy for Vidal? I can't see it tbh.
  13. Can't see the board paying money for a 31 year old who will command big wages and a minimum three year contract.
  14. I'd argue a fair few of his cutbacks are more like the ones Willian skied over from 7 yards against Roma rather than the ones where it will take an absolute screamer to score.
  15. He may not register a great many assists but he creates openings a plenty.
  16. Realistically if we were to replace Hazard then Dybala would be my first choice as I believe he is the only one who can come close to replicating the stuff Eden has done here, however, you and I both know our board is incapable of pulling off such deals. I absolutely have no clue who can come in and effectively carry our zombie like stale attack like Eden. Hopefully Eden stays put and we add the likes of Bailey and Harit to our attack to inject some much needed dynamism and freshness.
  17. Not for me mate. I absolutely adore Isco's close control dribbling but a swap for our own wizard? Not a chance in hell for me.
  18. Never in a million years I'd contemplate selling Hazard let alone for an unproven youngster.
  19. For me there in lies the biggest problem. Conte has made blunders for sure but you don't spend more than a 100m in a window and only go backwards in terms of quality of players. I was fine with Matic leaving the club but to replace him with Drinkwater and Bakayoko was a farce and I have been saying this from day one. Seriously the guy who put forward the signings of both of them needs a good whipping.
  20. Never expected him to be a hit over here but he has been beyond woeful in his brief time at Stamford bridge.
  21. You don't need a preseason to be able to control a pass without the ball jumping 4 feet high in the air and not fucking up 5 yard passes.
  22. Amine Harit of Schalke looks a cracking little player. Now that our purse strings have tightened up, we must look to get these talented players in before half of Europe starts chasing them down and we invariably are forced to bow out of the chase.
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