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  1. I really, REALLY hope Tuchel will go mental in the post match interview
  2. Funnily enough, I still feel we can actually win this. Liverpool will now go for it which should lead to our counter attacks.
  3. I am okay with the pen, but a straight red card?? Just fuck off really.
  4. This is on Alonso though. He attacked Mendy dammit
  5. first his the thigh!! not a pen surely
  6. fucking book Salah !!! ffs kicking the ball after the whistle grow a pair
  7. oh no, Jota on, the real Liverpool danger man
  8. fuck such a chance for Mase But Rom should have passed to Kai ffs
  9. Liverpool are pressing really well which puts us under pressure but once we move the ball further up, they are there for taking.
  10. Right in front of the Kop, well done King Kai!!
  12. Liverpool fans shouting at Taylor 'you bald bastard' not that I disagree but I hope he remembers it in some tougher decision making lol
  13. oh noo Rom that could have been a sitter
  14. 'Chelsea rent boy' chant going on. Will the sensitive members complain?
  15. lovely piece of magic from Mase
  16. Nervy start from us so far but we will grow into the game, not one doubt.
  17. Surprised Jota is not starting. He is a real threat.
  18. Don’t you find City a bit boring now? First couple of seasons under Pep they were a dynamo and they really were a joy to watch. But I guess it is not ‘cool’ anymore?
  19. Kinda feel sorry for Zouma now. Leaves a top quality team to join someone who suddenly acts like a cheap bitch.
  20. I am fine with media and everyone talking about and focusing on Man United and Ronaldo. While others may quietly slip under the radar.
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