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  1. If Liverpool beat United, City are champs. Otherwise they can celebrate after the clash with us lol
  2. 1-1 now don’t get your hopes high, Saints are a joke
  3. Oh look another fucking gift from the pathetic Saints. Red card in minute 10 for those fuckers.
  4. I was more confident against Real than against these lot. These games frustrate us the most. And this is a MUST win. That can't go well lol.
  5. To be brutally honest, I am more scared of Fulham now. These are the games that frustrate us the most.
  6. Bloody hell, make us the Champions already!!
  7. 2 games from winning the cup. And we don't even have to win 1 of those 2 games. Basically do a Liverpool and have the second leg end in 0-0 lol. Or rather not, go for the goals.
  8. Havertz dispossessing Hazard. How iconic.
  9. My heart just melted, Eden is on the pitch. I love you bro, but don't do anything tonight.
  10. Ziyech plays and he has a field day, not one doubt. I would play Havertz as well with his runs and link up play. Come on boys, let's go for it!
  11. I would have taken this HT result before the kick off.
  12. The ref's positioning is freaking awful, always standing in the way
  13. We should keep playing the same way.
  14. lol I thought that was red, shame lol
  15. I don't want to sound too comfortable and confident but this semifinals can actually be won here in Madrid.
  16. Lucky there with them hitting the post
  17. This has been a SUPERB 15 mins so far. Let's keep it up boys, makes me SO PROUD!
  18. Oh Azpi stop whining and play ffs, you could have won the ball
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