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  1. The ref handled it (oops!) in a fantastic way. Gave the whole world his adamant opinion live and did not care about complaints. I saw a lot of comments about him being a Spanish Mike Dean which he showed before the game during the CL anthem by winking twice to the camera lol but in the game he was flawless or faultless.
  2. New tat for Pulisic, while still wearing the CL winning medal
  3. Where is the F1 congratulating the go-kart?
  4. We conceded more goals in one game against WBA than in the entire CL winning campaign. Funny now.
  5. Fantastic vid!v Especially seeing the bench rooting for their team mates, especially Thiago. Oh and also, is Kai still wearing the Stand Up Speak Up band? Isn't it like.... 20 years ago?
  6. Is he old enough to actually drink it?
  7. Yes! And that makes me root for France in Euros. That would settle it hopefully!
  8. "Chelsea have become the first team to win all three of Europe’s major club competitions twice following our maiden Champions League triumph in 2012 and victories in the Europa League in 2013 and 2019 and Cup Winners’ Cup in 1971 and 1998."
  9. This is just amazing, just reading this line makes me so happy and proud. 2x CL winners
  10. I can't help it but I just keep watching the FT whistle moment and the trophy lifting
  11. Wow, did Roman actually bow in front of the players?
  12. We conceded more goals in one game against West Brom than in the entire Champions League winning campaign At least we can laugh about it now lol
  13. Hopefully we will perform better as the CL holders than the last time - not making it through the group stages!! Granted, we won the Europa League but still
  14. It was sooo one-sided in the media. Guardiola this, Guardiola that, Foden this, Foden that, why this could be Foden's night, Aguero's winning farewell, City finally doing it.... blah blah blah And they did not create one proper chance in the whole game. Loving it.
  15. You ready to call him that now?
  16. I called it, simple as. Or Petr Cech did, but still hahaha
  17. I never really liked him as a pundit. I can see everywhere how he is praised for his combo with Roy Keane, how his laughter is amazing blah blah blah. And he desperately wanted us out of the top 4 before the final match day. In other words - who is laughing now?
  18. Let me tell you a scary story - the Super League project is not cancelled by us before the Brighton game, UEFA has a problem with all the clubs and we would never have a night like yesterday. Damn!
  19. Awesome Funnily enough, I keep singing it, either in my head or out loud lol. Great piece of chant this.
  20. Chelsea star Jorginho forced to have his beard shaved off by reporter after agreeing to hilarious bet if Blues won the Champions League... but midfielder gets his own back by shearing journalist's moustache
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