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  1. There is no penetration on our fight flank, Reece James is nowhere to be seen. He is a defender first and foremost. I would be more brave and send in CHO who is always more lively. We should focus on scoring more rather than keeping them at bay. That is a very dangerous game to play.
  2. Havertz's close control of the ball is something else. Not arrogant, but non-chalant, making it look so easy.
  3. I have got to say, Reece James has regressed massively. This RWB position is not for him.
  4. Mount with an open play assist !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebrate that!
  5. A Chelsea legend Michael Hector on the Fulham bench.
  6. If Liverpool beat United, City are champs. Otherwise they can celebrate after the clash with us lol
  7. 1-1 now don’t get your hopes high, Saints are a joke
  8. Oh look another fucking gift from the pathetic Saints. Red card in minute 10 for those fuckers.
  9. I was more confident against Real than against these lot. These games frustrate us the most. And this is a MUST win. That can't go well lol.
  10. To be brutally honest, I am more scared of Fulham now. These are the games that frustrate us the most.
  11. Bloody hell, make us the Champions already!!
  12. 2 games from winning the cup. And we don't even have to win 1 of those 2 games. Basically do a Liverpool and have the second leg end in 0-0 lol. Or rather not, go for the goals.
  13. Havertz dispossessing Hazard. How iconic.
  14. My heart just melted, Eden is on the pitch. I love you bro, but don't do anything tonight.
  15. Ziyech plays and he has a field day, not one doubt. I would play Havertz as well with his runs and link up play. Come on boys, let's go for it!
  16. I would have taken this HT result before the kick off.
  17. The ref's positioning is freaking awful, always standing in the way
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