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  1. Just watch Timo destroy England. Him of all people lmao. At Wembley.
  2. Did Mbappe just cost NG the Ballon d’Or?
  3. Which reminds me I am going to watch the Better Call Saul series now. I am not ready to say goodbye to this thing.
  4. I realize I am stupidly late to the party (heck, I even started and finished watching Prison Break just this year!) but I just finished watching Breaking Bad. And I started like a few days ago lol. Bloody hell, what a series this is! I wish someone damaged my memory so I could watch this thing (along with Prison Break) all over again All hail Heisenberg!
  5. Imagine blocking your opponent from shooting on target and yet you are losing 1-0 lol
  6. Hahaha I remember recording it on the old VHS and then distributing it
  7. So great to see Wijnaldum on the losing side against us. I am genuinely surprised to see us play the way we do.
  8. This is good. Surprisingly good.
  9. De Ligt sent off. What a chance for us now
  10. No wonder, Guardiola saw it first hand
  11. Meh. Their country. Politics outgrowing sports sadly.
  12. So is it England v Germany? Would be hilarious if Werner, of all people, was the one sending Eng home lol
  13. Christensen with a belter. Him of all people LMAO
  14. Remember the chant from just a few months ago? 'We’ve got Super Frankie Lampard, he knows exactly what we need, Tomori at the back, Tammy in attack, Chelsea’s gonna win the Champions League.' Well, we won the CL but sooo without those 3 lol. All 3 gone basically.
  15. Another goal of the tournament candidate lmao
  16. That one picture, that angle of the curve, wow
  17. I am usually a big, big Poland fan. I love the country, I like Lewy. But he seems to be the real danger to Kante’s chances when it comes to Ballon d’Or so I am torn lol.
  18. What I like about him the most is the fact that he just does not mess around, he simply goes for it. Plus he has a real bomb in his foot. I mean, he can seriously blast it.
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