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  1. Werner is such an enigma lol, he is so frustrating up front, and yet, he keeps getting assists lol
  2. we are literally copying Liverpool's results lol
  3. oh come on what is this, every goal counts, dont waste golden chances
  4. ooh that would have been a very nice goal from big Rom
  5. LMAO what the hell was that, it literally made me laugh
  6. dont tell me we are going to see our number 3?
  7. What a way to enter the second half, we absolutely killed them. Kante for Mount was a masterstroke
  9. Mount off and what a change to the game display
  10. fuck what a chance to finish this off
  11. This Kante-Mount change might actually help us way more.
  12. Serious discussions need to start about Mount.
  13. Tuchel in his last interview said it is difficult to drop him. He is not a golden boy ffs. Work rate is not everything, especially at top level.
  14. These attacks cost us a victory at Anfield. Do not repeat that!
  15. STOP WASTING CHANCES!! I wish Mount was NOT the man leading a counter attack
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