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  1. Quality interview, that must be said. Also nicely destroyed Chelsea tactics.......
  2. Just watching Cech's penalty save in the extra time against Robben. Today, the ref would have it re-taken as Cech was clearly not on the line Dear lord, I cannot imagine such drama if that actually happens.
  3. Watch us win the CL final to screw everyone who wanted the Manchester derby in the Supercup
  4. This EL final shoot out reminded me of Moscow and Munich, and I will not be able to take it again. Just no.
  5. It will be an irony to watch United lose this final on pens, considering the amount of pens they have benefited from in the last few years.
  6. Guardiola - 'I am so confident in my team. You cannot imagine how confident I am in my team and in what we have to do.'
  7. I know Youtube videos can make every player look great, but still, we have been watching Kai closely now and I am sure you can see the class and the future.
  8. So he will join us as the European champions again!
  9. Mourinho against Spurs in the Conference
  10. Like Mourinho prior to the FA Cup final against us, no? Not that I am comparing those two but still...
  11. Also, credit where its due for Liverpool - last 10 games - 26 points. They really went for it.
  12. In the last 20 League games (which includes Lampard's final defeat to Leicester), Chelsea are second behind City. (too lazy to check just Tuchel's reign) Obviously you cannot win them all and shock results happen. I don't think TT could have achieved more in the League, considering the position he took us in. He surely takes some blame for some results but he surely takes the credit for the other.
  13. Petr Cech feels positive, just like in Munich. That is all I need to know
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