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  1. Apppointing Wilmots and Martinez during the golden era of the Belgium football… I mean, yeah, they were 3rd in the World Cup but surely, surely they were supposed to achieve way more, especially at Euros. They have been FIFA number 1 team for so long but for what? Last chance in Qatar? Wilmots and Martinez, dear lord…
  2. That makes today’s knee soooo convincing Such a theatre. Hey, we will not allow you to take your practice session at Wembley. But we would appreciate if you took the knee with us. Jawohl.
  3. Does anyone remember if the Germans took the knee before the group stage matches in Germany?
  4. Of course there was zero ill intent. Jesus what are you thinking? Wtf Still does not change the fact he could / might have ended his career. Deserved to be sent off. Would deserve to be sent off even in the past seasons.
  5. Awful, awful tackle. A fully deserved red card.
  6. Kai was probably the best German. Timo not in the game, and missed a big chance after Kai set him free.
  7. A longer rest for our Germans. And some, ehm Timo ehm, need it big time.
  8. Would love him back. Too good to be wasted next to Southgate.
  9. At least not in London. But if they go through, the semis and final at Wembley. Talk about justice. Especially after they blocked Germans from training there. How the fuck does Southgate keep getting away with it?
  10. Who will Eng play in the quarters?
  11. Well, Mount, Chilly and Reece hardly play so it is good for us that the Germans get more rest now.
  12. Oh damn Sterling again…
  13. So much for Timo downing England on their soil. Kai to the rescue!
  14. Maybe Southgate should play Henderson…
  15. Kai’s thunderbolt saved by that goalie.
  16. Kane’s price slowly but surely dropping lol
  17. Indeed. One good run that England experienced after a long long time in the last WC and he seems untouchable. Despite being an utter clown.
  18. First chance for Timo. Wasted lol
  19. They were booing during the German anthem. Which says it all. You can’t expect a reasonable answer here lol
  20. Also no Chelsea player in the Eng team lol. Come on Germany even more
  21. Ok I was torn who to support here but hearing England fans during the anthems makes me root for Kai, Timo and Toni. Come on my German neighbours!
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