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  1. Poch will forever be a Spursy loser, seriously. Especially if Lille actually win the French league.
  2. Ref born in Manchester, costing us 2 FA Cup finals already. Sure, what can go wrong this time?
  3. I don't want to jinx at all, AT ALL, but it reminds me of Hazard and Eto'o being pushed back from their injuries to face Atletico in the 2nd leg of the semis back in 2014, but how bad and not up to it they were...
  4. We seem to be relishing big games more than the easy-on-paper games anyway.
  5. I was actually looking forward to the game lol
  6. Chelsea Women into the final! Let’s write the similar story and make it European double!
  7. Beat Bayern in the 2nd leg of the semis! Massive
  8. But still, who would have thought in early January, in a terrible crisis under Lampard where nothing, NOTHING worked, that in May we will be sitting here, a few days before the 2nd leg of the CL semifinals against Real Madrid, with a genuine chance of reaching the final.
  9. I like Kane a lot but this made me seriously chuckle while eating a pie
  10. I have had enough of nerve wrecking and nail biting finishes. Hallelujah for a comfortable end to the game.
  11. HUGE NIGHT I heard from @NikkiCFC that several Real players still missing in the squad today so no one can tell who will play against us. Key questions - how are Rudi and Kova? How to set up the attacking three? For me, Havertz and Mount are a must. Pulisic or Werner? Damn, I am already nervous but I cannot wait. We have been craving for games and nights like this.
  12. Not bad for a 21 year old boy in his first season in England without his family and in isolation. He is going to EXPLODE pretty soon.
  13. Don't show that to Werner haters lol. Seriously though - what are the Havertz numbers? He has 8 goals I believe and also a good amount of assists. Will be close.
  14. Since both feet have let him down in the last months, he just tried something different
  15. Considering our past results - this was probably the most difficult game in the run in
  16. Luckily. It was also a knee on the same place on the keeper's head. Just not such a hard knock. Got lucky there.
  17. Just like Petr Cech injury back in 2006. TWAT!!!
  18. A funny thing this. We were asking this similar question under Sarri and Lampard too. Wonder what really is the issue there.
  19. I am surprised Reece James has not been tried there. He was a POTY at Wigan while playing there too.
  20. Incredible to think he really is only 21. The future is bright for him.
  21. I wish Havertz plays against Real too.
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