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  1. I know this is sooo obvious, but we really need to survive the first waves that are surely coming. Survive first 20 minutes and we could actually do it.
  2. I was fairly calm during the day. Now I am shitting it. Jesus maria, this is the Champions League final. COME ON
  3. Mana was screaming as hell after our line up was made public before the Arsenal game. How are Man City fans doing seeing their line up in the Champions League final??
  4. If anything, we have made Guardiola think more than just twice. Remains to be seen whether it was a good thing or not lol. Anyway, COME ON BOYS!!
  5. I have always liked German teams twitter accounts. Classy, cheeky, confident.
  6. Media all about Pep and Foden and their night. Sure, keep downplaying us, we love it.
  7. Where is your ‘this is a free hit’ card? Nah, I get it. This is still a Champions League final and it would hurt to lose it. At least there is no pressure on us in terms of the CL qualification for next season!!
  8. This Timo Werner song has become very popular! Hopefully it will fire up our German striker. We are basically 14 hours away from huge, huge celebrations!
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