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  1. wow what a strike from Moreno, we got very lucky there
  2. A stupid yellow from the ref. How??
  3. Probably dislocated shoulder. How long does such an injury take?
  4. Ziyech can't really catch a break. He looks on fire and gets injured.
  5. Of course Zieych getting injured in pre-season...
  6. This pressing, wow, I absolutely love it.
  7. Yes. +1 if extra time is played
  8. His confidence has gone down the shitter for some strange reason. Is he that afraid of freaking Moreno?
  9. This will be a regular picture this season - us dominating possession, opposition sitting deep. Can you see the positive side Lukaku brings to this particular game?
  10. CHO putting them out of pressure, so unnecessary
  11. So far dominating them! NG almost scored!
  12. Mourinho, his assistant and a couple of Roma players sent off in a friendly
  13. But maybe, maybe… City will go for him and forget Kane. Kane to Chels in the end?
  14. Get Messi now, Mbappe and Haaland next summer
  15. That was a Courtois there lmao
  16. Bakayoko the biggest dregs in the squad. Not even Drinkwater is THAT bad.
  17. Is it a fan winning some lottery earning him a 'pundit' role?
  18. Who is the young boy doing a 'pundit' next to Nevin?
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