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  1. I have heard so many times stuff about FA Cup not being what it was in the past. And you seriously cannot compare those haha
  2. Sooooooo, how are your predictions doing? One funny thing - all those predictions were written under assumption that they will be achieved under Lampard A comfortable top 4 finish is my favourite.
  3. The CL final will be a different animal compared to the Villa game. I can assure you.
  4. Took us from 10th to finishing 4th. This has to be credited. Yes, we lost the final game but he gave us the chance to fight for the top 4 after that Lampard fiasco. And we did it. With luck. Again. Just like last season when Leicester did the impossible and failed to finish the job. So whatever happens now, he gave us the CL for next season.
  5. Has to start the CL final.
  6. What the hell happened to Mendy? Any news?
  7. At last, at freaking last, this season is over.
  8. 4-2 Tottenham We are in the CL hahahahaha
  9. The goal stands ahahahahah thank you Tottenham
  10. Havertz needs to start the CL final.
  11. now no handball against Leicester just LOL
  13. Son missed a fucking sitter
  14. This is such a fucking roller coaster ffs
  15. this line drawing is getting funnier and funnier, like the delibaretly ignoring opponent's body parts
  16. We are actually laughable how pathetic we are
  17. Frank Lampard Frank Lampard Frank Lampard
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