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  1. Max Payne, I watched it already before but I can always watch great movie again Planning to watch next - Prisoners & Rush.
  2. Is anyone playing Footstar (browser game)?
  3. KHL Medveščak 4:1 Dynamo Minsk (07.01.2014.) 0:1 Stas A. 1:1 Cheechoo J. 2:1 Jessiman H. 3:1 Murley M. 4:1 Popovic M.
  4. RIP! I can't say that he is the best because I'm too young and I didn't saw him playing, but I heard a lot about him and how good he was.
  5. As I said before game, it will be 2:0 victory. I didn't watch the game so I won't vote for the MoM.
  6. I just don't like this Jose's idea with Ramires as the winger (AMR).
  7. On 29th december 2013, the fans of KHL Medveščak enter in Guinness World Records book with this record - longest wave (15:03:20 minutes)!
  8. I also don't believe that this transfer will happen, I just post what I read.
  9. Hazard in PSG for 64mil€ in summer?
  10. I read that Arsenal is interested for him
  11. I don't want him. I think that we will have some big problems because of his "head".
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