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  1. Wtf are those squares doing on the shirt? Withouth them or with a different shape it would have looked better. Still, it always looks different when the players wear it during the match so i'll wait and see before i judge the kit.
  2. We will sign Mancienne again next year i think
  3. Well, he also got Tore now. Not so much concerned about Mancienne & Sala, but Tore was a class act imo, really deserved a chance, very disappointed to also see him leave.
  4. Never really was a stand out player for me, wish him all the best in the future. The onlty thing that scares me is when this raid is going to stop, Bruma may go out to HSV, but 90% sure it only will be on loan (that's only if he goes on loan to a club outside of England, from what i read the club prefers to keep him in the UK so they can follow his development better)
  5. I really hope it's Villa and not us wich he joins :/, this is not the manager we are looking for imo.
  6. Should start after what he has shown at Bolton. Sturridge - Torres - Signing(Neymar?) for next season up front (assumed that Torres gets his form back and we sign a good player for our rightwing). As back-up we still have Drogba, Malouda/Zhirkov for the left wing (if not leaving) and Anelka/New signing for the right. I think Kakuta should also be more involved with the first team, he can also be used as a winger on the left side (maybe even on the right..).
  7. Lmao, this is on the official website, eat your heart out: 'Fernando Torres will play, Petr Cech will play, John Terry will play from the start, Alex will play, Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard,' listed the Chelsea manager as he gave a partial line-up. All began the last game, at home to Newcastle. He also confirmed that Jose Bosingwa remains unavailable due to a knee injury and Ramires and Yossi Benayoun with minor muscle injuries.'
  8. Really disappointed to see him go...only thing i can hope for is that they have included a buy-back clause for him in his contract with his new club.
  9. Another sign that our academy is continualy producing better and more talented youngsters, the question is if and, if so, when we are going to use them in the future. Next season is going to be very important for us in that aspect. Are we finally going to see some youngsters get the chance next season at the expense of some of the older players? I really hope so because this is just another thing to add to list in the last few years where the boys show that they have great talent, and we certainly can use some of that on the creative side of our team! Congrats boys!
  10. Don't agree with you on Drogba and Mikel. How many good passes to run on to did Drogba get today? He was one of the few on the pitch trying to create something and how good a player he may be, that is not going to work if you have to deal with everything on your own. Mikel is in my opinion underrated. He doesn't do anything spectacular, but he still has one of the best passing ratios in this Chelsea team not be it in the whole league (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/8130025/John-Obi-Mikel-reborn-as-Chelseas-undisputed-pass-master.html). Every team that wants to play go
  11. I'm also scared of seeing that tbh. Sturridge certainly should be given more of chance next season. And with a chance i don't mean substitute apperaences but really starting games. Kakuta the same, get some creativity in the side. Bruma and PVA are also players who are ready for the next step. They both have had good spells at their clubs on loan and looking at the performances of our senior players, what's to lose?
  12. Agreed. But it was ofcourse understandable, there was little to cheer about (certainly in the first half). Acting disappointed and emotional is in a way, definitely during a game of such massive importance, not more than normal. However, for me acting disappointed and expressing it, isn't necessarily the same as giving up your belief of losing the faith. On the contrary, imo this proves that you care about the club and that you want them so badly to improve. Credit to our guys in the stands at OT, they were outstanding and still sung their heart out when we were 2-0 down.
  13. This season will end trophyless and quite probably with a scrappy win over Newcastle and possibly even a loss at Goodison Park, but I can guarantee that we will look back on it as the 'transitional season' some of us were predicting - but, more specifically, the season in which we began to build towards the future. Success after success has been won with the Drogbas, Terrys and Lampards of this world; our future triumphs will be won by the contributions of Luiz, Torres and Ramires, and - eventually - the Kakutas, McEachrans and Sturridges we all crave to see given a chance. ^This
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