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  1. MAF

    Eden Hazard

    Eden shouldve left right after this: Looks like it might finally happen
  2. Anyone know where i can find an ipad compatible stream for this game? Doesnt appear to be aired anywhere here..
  3. MAF

    Eden Hazard

    belgiums qualifier against Israel has been postponed, so theres only a friendly to be played.
  4. http://bier.blog.nl/files/2009/11/abt12.jpg from time to time i have one of these: Sint Bernardus abt 12. Ususally i just drink Jupiler, Maes or Vedett though. such a shame Safir is no more
  5. MAF

    Eden Hazard

  6. MAF

    Eden Hazard

    His brother is better at golf http://youtu.be/1KnJqpRjD4g
  7. MAF

    Eden Hazard

    When was this? He was playing with a knee injury at Chelsea at some point apperantly..
  8. dmt is a substance that is actually produced in the human body, in small quantities when you dream, and in large quantities at the moment of death.. I havent used it either though.
  9. Since you're into psychedelics, have you ever used dmt? And if so what was it like?
  10. MAF

    Eden Hazard

    I'm just stating what should be obvious. Shortly after he joined he criticized the way Chelsea won the CL, but offcourse noone thought anything of it because at that time we were playing attractive football and Hazard played a big part in it. now he's said something similar to that and all of a sudden everyone's offended.
  11. MAF

    Eden Hazard

    Tbh i think at the time when Eden was choosing witch English club he'd join he chose Chelsea because at the time Roman envisioned a more attacking style then what we're currently playing. I remember him speaking about his conversation with Roman, and it was certainly something along those lines. he's done his best to fit into Mourinho's system, but maybe it won't work out in the long run and he'll leave or be sold. we have to be realistic about this. the football we've been playing can't be the stuff a player like Eden is dreaming of...
  12. MAF

    Eden Hazard

    Fs i'm getting worried here. Maybe they should send him to Belgium to recover. I trust our NT medical staff more tbh.
  13. Basically the Liverpool fans entered the Juventus stand and drove them into a corner where a wall collapsed under the pressure. People who fell were trampled. The Belgian gendarmerie looked completely clueless as the events unfolded. Completely baffling is the fact that the game still started as the dead were beeing counted.
  14. belgian media are reporting he'll be at Chelsea next season due to Petr's injury witch is expected to keep him out for 3 months atleast.
  15. MAF

    Eden Hazard

    Sarcasm. I honnestly believe we've been punished..
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