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Tomorrow is vital for rest of the season


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We really need to win tomorrow to get our spirit and game back. If we don't I will be worried. I will not settle for anything more than a win vs Bolton. Key game if you ask me. If they win they will be above us for fuck sakes. I'm not doubting us though.

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I am 100% confident that the next 3 games are wins for us.

That are Bolton and Villa home and Wolverhampton away.

United drawn today so even if they win their game in hand the gap is 7 which in my opinion is theirs to lose.

Can't blame me for always being optimistic.

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Not that ridiculous if you think we have just an avarage squad, and spend money only on the avarage Ramires, and let 5 good players go.

Ramires hasn't played up to his expectations yet but I think he will turn out to be a fine player for us after a bit of time.

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I'm confident we can win the next 3 games also and get a good run of form going. I have to laugh about people saying we have an average squad.

A team doesn't go from winning a double to being average in a few even if we lost a few players. I'm glad carlo isn't being sacked and hopefully will be continue to be manager for the rest of season at least.

Our main problem is that we haven't bet any of the big teams, I'd actually take 3rd now if we could give youth into the squad a proper chance to get game time.

Maybe I'm being optimistic but I believe we will get 3rd at least and we could far in the champions league

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A team doesn't go from winning a double to being average in a few even if we lost a few players

That's precisely HOW a team goes from double-winning to average! Failure to replace these players have cost us dearly. Our bench has never been so weak, at least before we could call up Ballack, Deco, Belleti even Judas, knowing they'd make a difference to the play and make us more likely to score! We had the experience of Ricardo Carvalho to call up when Alex was injured or Terry was tired, we had a whole season knowing he'd be gone the next but failed to replace him.

These players, gave us depth, imagination, attacking variety! And now they're gone and no-one's replaced them. There's no trust in our youth so what can Carlo do, but play the players he's got, who at the moment don't give a f*ck. Though there are the exceptions of players like, Cech, Terry, Ivanovic, Malouda.. They can't do it on their own. They need help and there isn't any around.

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@Everyone calling our current squad average.

Check the squad topic we had back in September to see the original reactions.

Did we have to drop 18 points to realize the bloody obvious? How many more will it take to see that playing the same losing team with the same tactics for over two months may have cost us the title?

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