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  1. Because he thought he was injured? Fell twice due to what was thought as cramp and had hamstring issues before the game, to the point he was doubted fit to start?
  2. Anyone got video of Sarri having to be pulled away by Rudiger before the huddle for penalties? At least that's how BBC worded it as...
  3. Another goal against Hull! Does love finding the back of the net
  4. Would be another Filipe Luis situation imo, wouldn't be able to have the chance to mark his chance against Dave - who tbh, we wouldn't need if Zappa fights it out.
  5. 100% pass completion in the first half from Jorginho
  6. Two midfielders are our scorers Hint for the rest of season?
  7. We have 69% possession and yet Huddersfield has more chances on goal?
  8. ZanSnake

    Kurt Zouma

    SO can Fulham and Wolves who have done well this window. So have West Ham in some way, Pellgrini is going to make them a lot better then they were last season,
  9. International window is still open, so we can still sell....
  10. 'KEPA WAS ALWAYS CHELSEA'S NO 1 CHOICE' SSN reporter Kaveh Solhekol gives us the latest on Chelsea's world-record purchase of Kepa and more from Stamford Bridge. "The two arrivals today means the Chelsea squad is now a bit unbalanced," he told SSN. "They now have nine central midfielders and we can expect some of them to be moved on. "Meanwhile, Kepa has revealed that the first time Chelsea got in contact with him was when he got back from his holidays two weeks ago. "Sources at Chelsea have told me he was always their No 1 choice and they also tried to sign him before. And
  11. Literally posted above? Either way, he can dream
  12. That's the real reason we got him over anyone else. It is particularly nice to see the club getting a player to support the playing style of the manager , rather than Shoe horning players the manager is forced to work with...
  13. Eden is still a complete professional. Hasn't pushed for a move, respected the club's wishes and looks set to do his job. Hopefully Sarri can instill a desire to stay for a while longer and see out more with us, he had the potential to become a real legend for us.
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