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JT and the shilling


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We have a ready made replacement he is the most expensive player of his age group when we signed him. He is the monster that is Slobodan Rajković. Chelsea's version of vidic plus we have ivanovic too alex and mancienne.


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Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has added to the uncertainty surrounding John Terry's future after admitting he does not know if his team-mate will stay at Stamford Bridge.

England and Blues captain Terryspacer.gif has been strongly linked with a move to Manchester Cityspacer.gif amidst speculation Eastlands boss Mark Hughesspacer.gif is lining up a £35million bid for the centre-back following two unsuccessful offers in the past.

A host of Chelsea players have made it clear they want their skipper to stay in West London but Lampard,spacer.gif who was close to agreeing to a reunion with former manager Jose Mourinhospacer.gif at Inter Milanspacer.gif last summer, has been more diplomatic.

Lampard is uncertain regarding Terry's career, but insists his club and international colleague deserves the right to consider his options after progressing from Chelsea's youth setup.


"I don't know what he will do," Lampard said in The Times. "I've been in John's position, but everyone at the club wants him to stay.

"I had an option to leave last summer, to go with a manager who I love, but it came at a time in my life that, maybe, just wasn't right.

"But the situation made me think an awful lot. It wasn't an easy decision, either, and I don't think people should criticise John.

"The fact is you can never take away what he's done for Chelsea. He'll always be a legend. I hope and I'm confident that, whatever happens, he will continue to be considered a legend here.


"People should respect his right to choose. When you're a successful player this kind of thing is going to happen and then you have to make a decision. John's a very honourable man and it doesn't come down to money and things like that.

"I know John. I know he'll be thinking about what's the right thing to do as a player and, in the longer term, for his career.

"No one should doubt that John Terry wants to be successful. No one should doubt that John Terry is a winner. This is not just about the money and people shouldn't try to make it that black and white.

"It's understandable because it's Manchester City who have come in, but it's up to John what happens. All I can say is that I'm very proud each time I play with him and, as a club, you want to keep players like John Terry. It's as simple as that."

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This is the only answer Lampard can offer, he is not JT himself but only his teammate, so he can't say such strong statements on whether he is leaving or staying. JT knows he is staying but it's the media that is blowing this out of proportion.

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He won't be forgiven for leaving. If he does, it is purely for money. Ambition my arse. Chelsea have got more ambition than any other club at this stage, we're about to enter a very special period for the club. Going to Citeh is purely for the pay packet at the end of the week. That's betraying the club and it's fans.

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He's not leaving he said he was excited about the new season and working under ancelotti, the media are having a field say with this

Agree. Sparky should shut the fcuk up, and the press should as well. Statement coming up.....

He's Staying

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Anyway I thought he was just saying we should respect he's decison not that he was unsure if he was going or not...And if he does leave I doubt anyone is gana be all 'ooo respect he did it for his career' no thats a load of crap!Lampard fair enough he's mum had just died so his move made sense.New start etc for JT..ka ching

Then again like said..media..I doubt they chased him all the way over sea...he prob said 'i'd still repsect him' and they thought woohey lets add on!

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It's all well and good Lampard saying I almost left, but he wasn't considering a wannabe club, he was considering an established club with an excellent manager who he had significant connections with. There is nothing at City for Terry, except for money.

Nobody is going to be foolish enough to think Terry moved for any reason other than money.

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If he joins Citeh, we've got Ivanovic, Mancienne, Alex and Carvalho for the centre-back positions. Not bad when you think about it. But the fact of the matter is he won't leave.

exactly my sentiments, we don't need no one, who we've got left will do for me.

regards: JBD

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