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  1. Bergerac on 'My Sporting Life' on talkSPORT tonight at 10pm. Well worth a listen I think. Even at an early age was never short in speaking his mind. Threw his shirt to the ground when subbed against the Yids, unpopular in dressing room due to not being 'one of the boys', clumped David Batty, should have clumped Robbie Fowler, thankfully brought back home by Ruud. In my mind, a proper Chelsea legend. His spirit, zest, desire and determination could never be called into question.
  2. Fuck me, that's a thought. That has flown by. Hughes changed that game. Came on at half time and started putting it about, Victimpool melted. They didn't want to know. I was in the West Upper. Mark Wright's face in the 2nd Half was a source of constant amusement.
  3. You do have to wonder about the players chain of thought in general. Is it the time side look at the (interim) manager with a dose of "don't need to listen to you mate, I'll be here (if I choose), you won't". Either way, we have a very, very deep rooted problem. Hazard gets his all important first goal, then is dropped to bench, and the curious case of first name on the team sheet being Mikel. And what is it with all this interim manager bollocks??? If you know you are going to bin someone, then do the time honored dishonorable thing and arrange a new manager behind the existing managers
  4. Fair play to Costa. Hazard made a difference (Why isn't he starting???????). We will miss big Kurt.
  5. Very harsh indeed. He's been our player of the season by a mile. Maybe quiet today.
  6. Lets just get to 42 points as quickly as possible and get this season over with................if we actually reach 42 points..............and 42 points is a guess!
  7. Matic and Mikel in central midfield If that's our best options then we are truly doomed. If either was put up for sale (which will happen in the summer), you wonder which premier clubs would bother to put a bid in. Completely ineffective.
  8. It is inexcusable when players turn up for a game of this magnitude with so little desire, so little effort, so little hunger for the occasion. The majority of our players are an absolute disgrace. Truly is embarrassing.
  9. Ramires is off to some Chinese team for £25M. Biggest ever deal involving Chinese club. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/35404103
  10. The thing with Arsenal is a strange affair. With the Yids and the Marsh Men, you kind of know what your getting. The malice and hatred is genuine and above board. Arsenal are different. All that Nick Hornsby bollocks. Not wishing to pigeonhole/stereo-type anyone but they really are a bunch of Yoghurt knitting fuck pigs. They are the 'Neil' of the Young Ones.
  11. And they do tend to enjoy the 'replica shirt over a jumper look'.
  12. With our current defensive state, and prima donna players, I conclude that we are going to get bent over and fucked. Wouldn't have happened if Jose was still in the chair, after all, he don't lose to Arsenal.
  13. Overall, we were dreadful today. Defence is absolutely no more, midfield haven't got the fight in them and attack wise is shallow. HAve things improved since Jose was binned? No. Results may seem better, but, on paper they should be in any case. Arsenal next weekend, will be different.
  14. Fuck me......................Emanelu is still a cunt, but fuck me.
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