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  1. What are these out of interest? Obviously from this thread you can tell the NHS are far from perfect. But free healthcare has gotta be fairer than a system where the poor die because they can't afford treatment. And if you are rich, you can still get private healthcare if you want it in the UK.
  2. I thought he were a bit a rubbish against Villa so I'm not too upset. Ivanovic can do the job.
  3. I seem to remember reading recently him saying the exact opposite. Probably misquoted.
  4. I can just see them now, fetching each other dresses to try in the changing rooms!
  5. Both have been in top form, long may it continue!
  6. Well I think Hilario has certainly thrown his hat into the ring. I'd be sorely tempted to keep him in goal for Villa on the back of his performance against Liverpool, actually!
  7. Used to have a cat called Susie when I was a child, it died of old age, but lived til 19. Then after a gap we took on someone else's cat who was going on a world tour, called Cleo. It got into a fight, and it had to have one of those cone things put on, and after that, it really attached itself to me. Poor thing went blind and got liver problems in the end and she had to be put down. Such a lovely cat, then she got ill, and then she used to always cry because she couldn't see and didn't feel safe. Poor thing
  8. Maybe she's a lesbian? - People who don't know how to follow lanes on roundabouts and cut everyone up and almost crash into me - People who tail gate me - People who expect me to speed for their benefit - People who don't indicate
  9. Hahaha, what an idiot. And warnie, who cares, its funny!
  10. Kez has it. At the moment, Kalou is a useful option even though he is not a top player. He's a frustrating player because sometimes he does seem really good things and other times he gets it all wrong. Reminds me of Jesper Grønkjær in that respect. Keep him, but make sure we give Sturridge and Borini more playing time.
  11. I think we'll see Lampard and Terry, and Ashley Cole (or could he play Bruma?), but other than that we'll see some second stringer. I expect we'll see Ivanovic, Alex if he's fit, Ferreira, Joe Cole, Deco, Sturridge and probably Kalou and Mikel.
  12. I heard your stadum announcement mate Top notch result, didn't think we'd smash 'em 3-0! It was quite tight actually until that second goal. Just a shame Drogba might be injured, we'll need him against Liverpool.
  13. I'm not convinced Kalou is ever going to be anything except quite good. But if he's happy to be a bit part player then I see no harm in signing him up on another contract really.
  14. Well it's poop, but what's the point in this thread?
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