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Official: Avram Grant Sacked.


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Should have been given another season for getting us that close to the premier league and champions league. Stupid descision. With a summer to spend money he could have assembled a decent squad. Bang out of order I think.

CM2000 your wish has come true.

Not happy at all, I can see us going through a manager a season if it carries on this way...

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For the longest time Grant look useless but in the last few weeks he appeared to turn a corner. I did half expect the club to stick with him, but I guess the fact that he didn't win anything wasn't enough. For some, the reaction to this news is going to be the same they had towards Ranieri's sacking, but we brought in Mourinho as a replacement that time and lets hope we can bring in a similar calibre replacement this time around.

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Avram is a Good Manager. But there is an oceans gap in being good and GREAT!!...We need a Great manager.

I feel sad for Avram.

- Replaced a manager who was fan's favourite.

- Got a lot of stick from all the corners.

- Got sacked. I mean, that guy dint even get to choose his players in the summer. He takes up a team already chosen, with the former manager giving a bad start to the club with 11 points in 6 games. And still almost does it for us.

It is like a Relay Race. The 4th athelete need to make up for the bad start given by the first three atheletes. And he almost won us the league race. He managed us for 32 matches in the league that is 96 points of which he got us 74 points. Add to that the match at OT which was his first match in 2 days after taking the job and the fulham game where we still were recuperating from the Jose's sacking saga.

I hope he takes up a job at some mid table team and shows his worth.

Good Luck AG!!

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he made history....he get to the fina of the champions league on first try on first try while fergie took 20 plus years to get to 2

did any manager get their team to the champions league final on first try????????

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Thank god the nightmare is finally over. His appointment should never have happened. Yeah things went better than I had imagined with him in charge but his appointment was one of the biggest farces in football. Lets move on.

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I have mixed feelings over this

I feel Avram Grant wasn't the right manager at the start, although he got us good results, he didn't win us anything. I guess that's why Chelsea decided the time was right to get rid of him.

On the other hand I agree with G_Z. I don't like the idea of "a manager a season". Obviously everyone has a different approach and a different style of playing so what's the point in changing the manager when arguably, omitting the unsuccessful matches, gave us good results, with the possibility of giving us more.

Which brings me to the yes's and no's to who I'd like to take over:


- Ancelotti - Not been a link to us recently, but I'd love someone like him to take over. Although him not taking AC Milan to the Champions League next season is a sour note.

- Mourinho - I'm sorry, I don't care if it's never going to happen, I would welcome him back with open arms. Enough said

- Hiddink - An attacking-mindful manager, works very well with a club's morale, but I reckon he's got too much of a crave for International for me to pick him as my favourite

- Mancini - Could leave Inter at the end of the season on a high, has a good overall CV to his name. Also an attacking-mindful manager


- Rijkaard - Don't want him at Chelsea. He just doesn't have the right kind of style that we want. and doesn't have the right attitude. Has had a poor run with Barcelona lately.

- Eriksson - Same as Rijkaard but with Man City. The problems that his club have had recently have frustrated him somewhat, and knowing this, I don't think he would have the right attitude either

- ten Cate - There was talk before the final that he could be the manager after Avram Grant. I hope it doesn't happen. I don't think his name is big enough.

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Right time and right decision. Its no good banging on about Champions League finals and second in the League, Fair point he did, but it was with Jose's team, and with him probably not picking the final team on matchdays. We need to get in the right man that will see us through another four years and I thought that man would be Jose, but now we need to get it sorted once and for all.

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Thanks for everything, Avram. I suppose his job was on the line whether or not he won a trophy. He didn't do bad, but following an act like Mourinho is one hell of a tough thing to do. Good luck to the bloke.

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Come to see of it, if you leave out the Man Utd game since he wasappointed just 2 daysbfore the game,he has suffered only 1 loss and that is to arsenal.

Unlucky in the Finals.

Carling Cup: Cech punchs the ball away and the ball goes in the net rebounding off woodgate's head.

UCL: Drogba gets sent off for slapping. Anelka says he doesnt want to take the 5th kick.(not a team player)...finally terry takes it, he slips.

Very unclucky i would say.

BTW, does anybody know whether he is still the director of football, or has he left CFC completely?

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