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  1. BOSS


    He was useless like he was in the last couple of games. He should be benched imo.
  2. We can easily sign El Shaarawy but he's a winger and we don't need him.
  3. He scored again, he seriously can't stop scoring. I really hope we get him instead of Rooney in the summer, Costa is such a beast.
  4. Yeeeeesss its always good to see us beat that scum
  5. Does this mean that he's starting?
  6. YES! Even Skysports are reporting that it's done. Welcome to the club Matic! :blue scalf:
  7. Why are people comparing Gundogan with Matic? Matic is a true CDM while Gundogan is a CM. By the way Matic is far from a mediocre player, sure he hasn't faced the likes of Real Madrid etc but he easily is the best CDM in the Portuguese league. Why is 20m too much for him? He has it all : - He is a strong and tall player - His energy is quite exquisite - His passing is good - His tackling is very good - His positioning is great - He has quick feet for a guy of his size - He can actually shoot unlike Ramires - He is another player that can be a threat when we have FK's or corners while we alread
  8. *cough* We have beaten City this season *cough*
  9. We need a player that has a huge presence in midfield. A true CDM that's what we really need, imo we already have someone who has the potential to be a great DLP (KDB). We could have an amazing midfield combo if we use Matic-KDB.
  10. Chelsea agree deal with Nemanja Matic, he's expected in London on Monday [O Jogo]. #CFC O Jogo is reliable.
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