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  1. I'd love Lampard to do well but he really needs a few years experience first. I'd rather Jose who has won multiple league titles and a couple of champions league's than Lampard who has 0 experience at top level management. There really arent many options that I can see. If we were close to bringing in ex Derby manager Gary Rowett who still has more experience than Frank, everyone would be losing their shit. It will be interesting to see how much patience Roman has especially if we get off to an awful start to the season. It's just a shit time for us. It's h
  2. Who ever comes in is walking into a pile of shit anyway. Lost out best player Striker options are awful. Apart from Kante our midfield is very suspect. Back 4 aint too bad but does need improving. Theoretically it would be great to accept the state the club are in and use the ban as an opportunity to play a lot of the young players we have at the club and out on loan last season. We could build from there but I dont think Roman has the patience to wait 2,3,4 years until a new team is built and ready to challenge again. Although I hate them but you have to ad
  3. True and they still manage to attract some of the worlds best players which is annoying
  4. Dont forget AVB just won a treble and everyone got excited because his background was a little similar to Jose's. I wouldn't say it was that risky. I think Lampard didnt improve on Derbys league position or even points from the previous season. If this was anyone else but Lampard everyone would be in meltdown. I'm not convinced players will automatically respect Lamoard because todays generation seem to lack respect in football. I think United fans realise Jose wasnt joking when he said his best achievement was finishing 2nd with United. It doesnt look like Ole has the respec
  5. Who was responsible for this and are they being sacked?
  6. I think people need to chill with the Lampard talk. He took Derby from 6th to 6th. The premier league is miles ahead of the league Derby are in. Give him a few seasons before we even consider him for manager. We sacked Di Matteo after a champions league win. If Lampard failed to get instant results he would be sacked no question. I'd rather Jose over Rafa. Let's be honest our choices are piss poor. If we are transfer banned I have faith Jose could keep us in the top 4 until we can buy again. It looks like a lot of the players Jose clashed with have moved on now but as we know
  7. I just have a feeling it's going to be Jose.
  8. Rather Jose than Lamps. Would hate to see the club sack Lampard.
  9. He won’t stay at United but I can’t see them selling to us.
  10. Sell him. Shit attitude and clearly thinks he’s better than he is.
  11. Buying him was beyond stupid. He can work hard but he is very average . Last seasons deals really reminded me of Jose’s meltdown season when we bought shit like Sidwell. No more class 3 eggs!
  12. His goal record is good. He would never be my first choice especially considering his age but if he can bang in goals I’m happy with that. Hopefully Moratta plays better under Sarri. It’s hard to judge him off of 1 season. I remember fans getting on Drogbas case after his first season here.
  13. Don’t want him to see out his contract. He can’t get a team that has Hazard, Willian, Cesc and Morata to produce a shot on goal in 90 minutes. Hes caused too much drama and none of the players have came out and backed him. Not really sure how the club don’t mind spunking millions on shitty players that we never used but won’t sack him and pay his compensation.
  14. This club is ran by too many people with no clue about football or how to run a successful club. City learnt from our and their own mistakes but we continue to piss about every season. Its beyond boring now
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