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  1. I'm taking everything I read with a few grains of salt. But apparently city are more in for Kroos than Pogba. I just don't want to get my hopes up. I think i'll stick to my policy of not believing anything until I see the player in question holding up our jersey.
  2. It's BEYOND painful having to root for goons tomorrow.....
  3. I hope so. I really really don't want suarez getting trophies.
  4. I don't think I'll even watch La Liga anymore. I've only enjoyed it before to root against the villains real madrid. But with suarez to Barca I can't very well root for them anymore. And Atletico barring miracles or sorcery isn't a contender this year. Boring league full of cunts.....
  5. All I wanted was losses for united, spurs, and gooners, and for qpr and west ham to somehow both get relegated or explode this morning. It didnt seem like an unreasonable request.......
  6. YES! And we trade Cech for Casillas just so Mourinho can bench him for fun again.
  7. For me Costa and Cesc have looked great in the preseason. There were times where Costa provided important attacking play and assisted others rather than take the goal for himself. As long as they play well and we score a few for the win, as I believe GD will be more important than ever this season, I will be happy. That being said I'm rooting HARD for a Costa hat trick to shut the internet up for a moment or a Cesc brace/hat trick to make arsenal fan's cry. I never EVER get tired of making gooners or spurs cry. And all that being said, I am BEYOND stoked for Monday. I took the whole day off wo
  8. I got DUSTOO and #4. But the first O was a square while the second was a normal O.... ....Very weird.....
  9. Yeah. That BVB kit is DEFINITELY unique. I just can't decide yet if unique good, or unique bad.....
  10. Introverts are AWESOME. They provide a much needed balance to things. Also it's really cool to learn from them. They often observe things completely different than I would and provide valuable alternate insights.
  11. Ba out, Zlatan in! That would make me pretty happy.
  12. Pretty good. Yeah. Seems like a good time to come back.
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