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  1. They come from similar leagues, competing for the AFC Champions League. Keep in Mind, majority of Guangzhou players were Chinese in 2013, when they won the Champions League AFC.
  2. Chinese clubs, especially Guangzhou Evergrande, have performed well at the AFC Champions League. They won it very recently. I mean, look at how successful Kagawa ended up being for Dortmund. Keisuke Honda, another example, ended being a success in Europe. The reason why Chinese team have been underperforming is because of the management and the corruption IMO.
  3. Is this a CB? or RB? I mean, I would've loved Stones. Tbh, I wouldn't mind this Chinese guy here. There are many hidden gems in these Asian Leagues. Thing with Chinese players, they never leave their country unlike Japanese/Korean because of the lucractive wages in China at clubs like Shanghai or Guangzhou, so many of these players would walk into top European clubs, believe this or not. Let's not forget the shirt sales in China, crazy money there. People need to lose this mentality, "oh we are signing a player I've never heard so they must be shit". I'm interested to see how this transfer sag
  4. Happy with the group, aside from the travelling to the Middle east and Kyiv. We should top it easily with Porto getting second spot. AVB got an easy group, he should end up topping the group. I think the group of Death will be the PSG group. Shakhtar are also decent in that group.
  5. I've actually grown an interest in Turkish football, definitely a potential in terms of footballing market/league, they are buying a lot of players now. I can see Turkish football clubs putting a good fight in the Champions League. Although, Turkish football I think has its problems. Firstly, their economy isn't up to scratch. Their league attendances are still low but hoping next year this goes up. Second issue is that, there isn't a huge footballing culture outside Istanbul. Turkey is known for clubs in Istanbul like Fenerbahce, Besiktas, Gala, etc. The wealth isn't great outside Istanbul ei
  6. Argentina choke yet again at another final. Argentina lack the mental strength to compete in the final, thousands of clear chances yet still manage to find a way to lose.
  7. They are better than England at football, hands down. Last World cup, they got to the 2nd round, qualifying out of a hard group. The year before, they finished the group higher than England. I can't understand some English attitude looking down on USA.
  8. It should've been 2-0 actually, if it weren't for that ridiculous travel call on Mozgov on game 1. But lol, Curry was nowhere near his strength today, Delly shut him out easy. To think, this Cavaliers team is without Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Varejao and just managed to win a game on the road. Then again, Delly wouldn't have got many minutes if Kyrie was fit.
  9. Absolute pathetic to see some people posting anti Barca comments on here. Why can't we appreciate one of the best teams ever to win a Champions League? It's sad to see all the Barcelona hating because of one night at Stamford Bridge. Yes I was very sad that night. This has to be the best ever team to win a Champions League, every single tie was won VERY comfortably. There are some people saying Juventus deserved more. Deserved what? They had lesser possession, shots and shots on target.
  10. Neymar Suarez and Messi has to be the best attacking combination in history!
  11. So French World cup was bribed...lol and yet Russia and Qatar are under threat. This shit has been happening for the past few decades yet it's news. Anyways if anyone thinks the next two World Cups should be taken off Russia and Qatar, if found of bribery, then why shouldn't Spain and France be stripped of their World Cup wins? If you are going to be preaching legitimacy, why not go both ways??
  12. Arsenal won the FA Cup, the Community Shield and the top 4 trophy all this year. 3 trophies.
  13. Blatter actually came up with the idea of AFC Challenge Cup, which allowed lesser able Asian sides to qualify for Asia Cup. This is how India qualified for 2011 Asia Cup.
  14. Hope that means lesser able Asian and African sides like China, India, Egypt, Congo can compete. Would be amazing.
  15. Good for African/Asian and Central/Southern American football that Blatter won. Bad for European football that Blatter won. You simply can't please everyone.
  16. It seems like it has become a fashionable "in thing" to hate on Blatter and vote against them. I like this man's aims for world football, he clearly has an ambitious aim to make all nations equal. This man has pumped money into African/Asian countries to get them to par with European/South American sides. I can only respect his efforts. Since Blatter has stepped in, the performance of Asian/African has drastically improved in World cups. While these western European nations may have this view of Blatter, it is far from what other nations in the world think of him.
  17. Bidding bribery has been happening since 1990s, I'm sure of it. Qatar one was the straw that broke the camel's back, it was too obvious some shit was going on behind the doors.
  18. Can someone enlighten me on this but why is Blatter such a disliked figure? Is it because of the 2022 world cup bid? Or is it something deeeper? Blatter wasn't even involved apparently in all this corruption, that is being revealed today.
  19. Well done AVB winning the league with Zenit in Russia.
  20. Konoplyanka must be one of the most underrated player in the world. His style of play definitely reminds me of Hazard/CR7. It's a shame player from leagues like Ukraine are hardly known, it's just the mainstream teams. Konoplyanka, based on skill and ability, would walk into any Premier League side. He will be a free this summer and quite surprised at the lack of interest. At the current rate, it just seems Spurs or Liverpool interested. Nobody realises how talented this guy is because he plays in a league no one watches.
  21. Classico never happens in the Champions league. Anyways I'm happy Juve is through. Now, every final we get one European superpower in final like Barca, Real, Bayern etc and then there's the upcoming teams like Atletico, Dortmund, us in 2012 and now Juve.
  22. It's obvious Brentford coming up. We always have a West London derby side playing in the PL.
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