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  1. Well he shouldn’t have run into Ruddy should he, soft Northern Twat
  2. What a Great Night. The Boys where AWESOME. Totally dominated Man Shitty. Stand out performance’s from Reece,Chilly and Christenson, but a special mention must go to Fraudiola, what a muppet got it completely wrong and made it easy for us. 9 years on we’ve been constantly told we where lucky in Munich ( we weren’t) but last night in ever department we where by far the better team. Only negative from the night was it should of been 3-0. We need to now win the Premiership I want it back to where it belong. City need to start giving the trophy a good polish get all the Northern grim off
  3. 3 Arsenal fans were bemoaning their team. First one says “ I blame the manager, if he got us better players we’d be a great team.” The 2nd one says “Well i blame the players. With more of an effort, we’d have loads more points.” The 3rd one says “I blame my parents, if we’d lived on the other side of fukin London, I’d be a CHELSEA FAN
  4. Does anybody know what time the Arsenal Trophy Parade starts?
  5. Tough Days ahead for our Club. Several years of buying at best average players (Hazard,Kante,Costa aside) are coming home too roost. A goalkeeper who doesn’t want to be here,no defence a extremely weak midfield and no strikers. It we finish in the top half it will be amazing. Cesc/Barkley/Drinkwater/ Baka/ Morata Luiz/ Rudiger let’s be honest are poor very poor. Too many burnt out has beens. I’ll always be a Chelsea fan but sometimes you have to accept we are in disarray Roman not aloud in the country Ground development now on hold, buying shit player and to make it worse that Scum from White
  6. Chelsea Football Club. Quite simply The Worlds Greatest Club in the Worlds Greatest City with the Worlds Greatest Fans and the Worlds Greatest Manager. As always we are making History not talking about it, after 17 years of total success we've had a blip we will get through it lets move on for another 17 years of being The Greatest
  7. Great film from our dark past. Anyone know who the player was who abused him? Thought the program showed what a great man he and Pat Nevin are?
  8. A joke that just get funnier every day "Liverpool Premier League Champions" ☺
  9. Gone too long NEVER. There Scum fans will be robbing their way across Europe, nobody want that. Kick the shite out forever they are a disgrace to England
  10. Champions League Back ? Listening to Talk Shite is there only one English team in it this year? They are going on and on about the Scum from the Slum Come on Chelsea so that Shit how its done
  11. LUIS SUARÉZ is a awful, cheating piece of shit! in other words he is perfect for Liverpool, an awful classless club, Slum city shite fans they all go together well.Hope they don't sell him and ruin another club. keep all the shit together
  12. Congratulations to Manchester City well done. It's a shame we didn't do better but we lost some stupid games. Am soooo Fucking Happy that The Scum from the Slum didn't win it, that would have devalued the Premiership Well done Stevie G you slipped at the right moment God I hate Scousers the most vile brain dead animals around...they'll tie a few scarfs to some railing and mourn their loss and go on about it for years then have a inquire to find someone to blame. Next season will be tough we will get some propper strikers City will buy as will Utd, and with Champions League football it will pro
  13. 7 Champions League Semi finals in the last 11 years not bad for a club with no history!!, mind you we have never murdered our own fans so i expect it doesn't count. We have never played Real in anything other than a Final so Chelsea v Real Madrid in Lisbon it is then., the dream Final for UEFA the worlds Biggest team v The team with the most European Cup wins
  14. Love this I was at this game only 11 years old.It was the 8th time I watched us play, the 9th was the following week against Dirty Leeds in the Cup Final..Great days Thanks for the memory
  15. Big Night last night Wesley Sneijder playing against his ex manager Didier Drogba playin against his ex team and manager Steven Gerrard playing his X-Box
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