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  1. If anyone can find video or GIF of Reece and Bamford tackle, please share it here. James showed pure dominance
  2. Wow, the prices on the new shirts are pretty high, I mean 130+ euro damn...
  3. To Marcos himself: I try to be humble and keep my thoughts to myself, but one of the biggest reasons I am a member of this forum other than being a true Chelsea, is you. You because you are disgrace miserable and because I needed a place to share my comments on how awful you are. I do not care for anything good you did, because I would argue it was a luck or miracle. I really do believe the day you joined was cursed, I would rather watch my team lose without you than win with you. Because of you I am not as happy as I should be when new good players join the club, because I know you
  4. Cursed is the day Alonso joined our team. Cursed. Have a good night lads.
  5. I just logged in to say that Alonso is a braindead player, no matter what. Even if he scores, asists or whatever...
  6. Very happy with the result, good game!
  7. Very sad that we did not win this one. Sorry to say but I wish we had Onana instead of Kepa.
  8. Make a 'Least Fav Player' field on profiles (something like opposite of 'Fav Player') and I won't be having hard time selecting Marcos Alonso. Thank you in advance!
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