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  1. Although he went off slightly earlier, I still give my MOTM to Mount. He was fantastic once again. Constantly got fouled, however he always looked to make things happen and caused Fernandinho nightmares. His awareness is so good and he is always one step ahead. Love the way he receives the ball and just sharply turns away from an opposing player and leaves them in no man's land. Chilwell's performances getting a lot stronger again too. Had a fantastic game also as did rest of team.
  2. CHO is not easily ahead. If that was the case, he would be starting every game at RWB. James in fact has probably played more games at RWB than CHO has and right now it is clear that James is the favoured choice. When TT initially started, CHO was first choice, however James has definitely been preferred more recently because he provides a better balance of defence and attack. I also think you need to look into the bigger picture than just stats. You mentioned CHO having 2 assists. One of those was a nice delicate pass for Havertz against Palace last week, however that is where stats are
  3. Just what @Jypesaid. The club rated him very highly but he had James and Azpi both in front of him. His contract ran out in 6 months. Lamps brought him on while we were 1-0 down to Arsenal last season and he made an impact. But we were spoilt for choice in that position. He made the best move for himself. Now he has got an improved contract and is a nailed on starter for a PL team who play good football. James has had a very good season. I would say he was better under Lamps due to playing in the RB position. He has not featured as regularly under Tuchel but generally in the games he
  4. Lamptey is obviously more exciting to watch because he is a real livewire and looks to take on his man at every attempt. But I don't agree that he is better than James. James has his odd lapses defensively but he is a better defender than Lamptey. Much better crosses of the ball and has one of the best deliviries around. I don't see how you could suggest Lamptey is better on the ball than James. James technique is one of his best assets.
  5. Exactly, there is no guarantee teams will pay that money, especially the losses teams faced during the pandemic.
  6. Well will other teams match our asking price is the first thing? If not, then he will be a valuable member of the squad to have around.
  7. I don't expect Giroud to be here next season and I also wouldn't expect Aguero to start every game if he is here.
  8. Funny thing is, he is still our top scorer. I disagree that he did not take his chance, because a lot of other players in attack have also struggled. He sometimes has taken the hit for a bad team performance by coming off at H/T and also been recently injured, but I just don't think the likes of him and Giroud is what TT is maybe looking for. I think he has been unlucky. If we do end up getting Aguero, I hope we keep him around tbh. He has flaws but he scores goals.
  9. I actually prefer West Ham winning over Leicester. A draw would be ideal but Leicester winning means that they pull away from us and then we are realistically chasing 4th spot. West Ham winning means that both 3rd and 4th spot is in our sight and we have both of them to play. Both teams also have extremely difficult fixtures and if it stays this way, I am confident we will finish above both of them.
  10. Front three of Mount, Pulisic and Havertz are all aged between 21 and 22. The current quality and potential is frightening.
  11. I would like to think Zouma would have been in the central defender in that back three regardless.
  12. Perfect response after last week's collapse. And a landmark I was starting to doubt would happen under TT. We scored more than 2 in a game and honestly should have been a lot more. Havertz had a very good game but he honestly could of had a hattrick today. But a goal and assist and big strides in improvement. Totally neglected all service to Zaha also for the whole game. They only had 1 attempt all game which was there goal. Was expecting a much tougher game but wow we were brilliant. Christensen has been brilliant but thanks god TT thought smart and played the more physical defenders to
  13. Seems like he gets a wake up call at his point of the season and plays to his full potential. Please keep it up.
  14. Deja vu! Exact goal he scored last season at this ground in same kit.
  15. 10 men yes, but the way we just threw away the game was pathetic. I have never seen a 'big team' crumble like that after going down to 10. Embarrassing. Especially against a team/manager who are known for being more stubborn. Bayern for instance couple weeks ago went down to 10 men against Stuttgart at 0-0 and still won 4-0. Arsenal went down to 10 against Leeds earlier this season and still held for the point. We did not plan at all on dealing with 10 against 11. Kovacic is the only player to come out of this with any credit. He played really well despite being down to 10. Huge wake up call n
  16. We have some really difficult games for top 4. Looking at fixtures, we may possibly need to win the UCL to be in it next season. Also please bring on Chilwell for Alonso. Just way too slow.
  17. Great performance. Such an underrated quality player. Top class.
  18. It will frustrate me if we play Pulisic at RWB just to keep the formation. I hope he is playing his natural role rather than shoehorning to fit in formation.
  19. Surely a 4-2-3-1. Would trust our official club app also
  20. I thought James was brilliant tonight. Such a beast. CHO is more offensive but James is better defensively and although CHO crossing is good, James crossing for me is better. Both put in top crosses against United that should have been converted tbh. Chilwell also against Liverpool was very effective and I prefer his pace.
  21. Looking forward to Havertz, Mount, Werner already. Hoping that will be the three. Havertz has played himself into the team. Mount obviously will be back and Werner is still contributing despite the lack of goals and all three will be suitable players for the pressing game Leeds like to play.
  22. Another game where we have dominated but also looking brilliant in attack. Havertz best game in a Chelsea shirt, league wise. Was top class. Played a major part in both goals. Christensen, another dominant performance. Another clean sheet. Everton were so bad but I think it is one of the games where we were just too goo and could not handle our dominance. Everton have been really good going into today's game but we did not give them a sniff. Werner being really unlucky again. Just feels scoring wise he is cursed, but he is really contributing and I like him in the team. Whole team was brillian
  23. Havertz looks good! Hopefully can keep it up.
  24. I saw your reputation and saw it was quite high for your post count, that is why I could never tell whether you were trolling or not, however I have just seen your profile picture now. I know the definite answer now...
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