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  1. Barca literally an example of a team who just splashes money with no forward thinking. Like a kid who wants all his toys now. They want Raphinha, Dembele (to sign on), want Lewandowski. In January they signed Aubameyang, who whilst taking a pay cut, is still on huge wages. Signed Torres in January for what £55m? Signed Depay last summer who had a mixed season but defo will improve you imagine. Signed Traore on loan with view to permanent transfer but seems they won't pursue that. So you sign Lewandowski and then do what with Aubameyang? Keep him on bench or shift him out LW like he was do
  2. Think your going to be surprised. There is a reason now bookies have him as favourites to join Barca ahead of us.
  3. If they pull that off, would be a fantastic signing and he is available on the cheap tbh as well. I am sure there will be other teams interested though.
  4. Unpopular opinion but I slightly agree. If he sees a model where other attackers excel then I think he is motivated to come here. For instance Diaz, did not think twice about going Liverpool when he learned of there interest because he knew he would fit in there model. I hope Tuchel is able to convince Raphinha of how we can play to his strength's and play fluid. I haven't got excited for a reason as I can see this deal collapsing. Barca I know is his first choice but let's just hope they don't get there cash injection and the worse case scenario is he ends at Arsenal but yeah I reckon i
  5. I would be surprised with the level of interest in him and current status if he accepted that offer. There are other players in the team who when they initially joined, had a much higher salary and surely Raphinha will feel he done enough to be be on the higher paid players. I would be surprised if he was not looking at anything from £150k-£180k p/w.
  6. Yep. I remember few years ago when we agreed a deal to sign Chamberlain but he rejected us and went Liverpool and he did not want to play wing back.
  7. It feels Ake's rep has gone down since he joined City, however I remember when he left Bournemouth, a lot of fans wanted him and were shocked when we did not trigger the buy back option. Thing is, he has not declined, he just is behind better defenders at City, hence why he doesn't get much game time. In a back three, I think he would be really good here.
  8. They desperately want Di Maria but yes, I think they defo will want another attacker as they likely losing both Dybala and Morata. Think they will try for Gnabry also.
  9. Your late to the party Vesper
  10. They could easily interchange with each other. Both of them are more than capable of playing on the LW and switching positions.
  11. TBH, they make have been making 'big' signings last few seasons but still miss out on UCL football. Last season Odegaard, season before was Partey (who had just won league with Atletico) and season before they bought Pepe (who had just ripped up the Ligue 1). This season it may be Jesus and Raphinha (or another player). Let's see. Looks like they are building something big but we hear this season after season.
  12. Jonathan David would struggle in a lone formation imo. He plays with another targetman in France and it is easier for him to get in behind the defence. In the PL, playing up in his own, I have huge doubts. I think Osimhen is the real deal tbh but I don't think it is a realistic transfer.
  13. Abraham did not set the world alight when he was at Swansea. Could be for two reasons. One being that he wasn't just ready and two being that he was playing at inferior team. Broja showed more at Southampton than Abraham did at Swansea. Anyway 2 seasons later he scored 18 goals when he played his first full season. My point being is Broja has had an inconsistent this season but generally speaking he had a decent loan and I think he was better than Abraham was when he was on loan at Swansea. His goals were of real quality and if we don't give him a chance at least, just sends out the wrong mes
  14. Liverpool he rotated some of his 'best' players. It was lower down his priority as three nights before they played Atletico away which he considered more important where KDB was a sub. Ederson, KDB, Ederson were all on the bench in that cup game. PSG game at City, Man City had a few injuries and they did well to comfortably win that game without no KDB and Foden but he may well not have started that had everyone been fit. PSG at PSG's ground I will give you that one. But when we played them at home he was on bench. Both games against Real he was on the bench. Both games against United he was o
  15. He does not get in their best team last season. He started more games if for instance Pep had a big CL game in the week then Pep would rotate in the weekend and start Sterling but the only reason he started more as the season went on was because Grealish was not really producing the goods. At the start of the season, Sterling couldn't get a sniff but in the big games, he would leave Sterling out. But one thing for sure is he is the most effective City player for goals for minutes. This has been the case for the past 5 seasons. I think he can be very inconsistent but I am a little surprise
  16. Another thing with Sterling to note is his goals and assists numbers. While I don't think he will reach the same scoring heights at us as he did at City but this is his numbers last 5 seasons in all comps: 17/18: 23 Goals, 17 Assists, 18/19: 25 goals 17 Assists, 19/20: 31 goals 10 Assists, 20/21: 14 goals 12 Assists, 21/22: 17 goals 9 Assists They are brilliant numbers. For a player who pulls that numbers every seaso
  17. Tbh, in this market that is a deal. I know he is inconsistent but his stats last few seasons he has got into double figures for goals and assists. His record is brilliant and his injury record is brilliant too. Anyone with the stats he has, that should be considered a top deal for us because he is adding quality to us. I don't think he will get the same goals he does with us that he did with City, however stats wise, we are getting a player who has proven quality in the prem.
  18. Although Eriksen is a no.10, he can also play out wide as well. Same as Fernandes. So sometimes it would not be surprise to see both of them playing or even both set up as two no.10s. When Alli was on fire for Spurs, Eriksen was primarily used as a LW.
  19. In what way. I see him at RW for City and I don't think he adds anything special there. Up front, I prefer Havertz to him.
  20. Not really sold on Jesus. Sometimes, I see him and he just seems lost. Also with all the chances City create, I am surprised he has not scored more goals. He seems on the periphery when I see him and personally I think if we had some of our attackers in that City team, they would be scoring more goals than they score here.
  21. I get he wants the move, but we need to be rigid and not just rid of him because he wants out. So we loan him out, want him to agree to wage cut but we still will pay him partly while at Inter? Come of it. Are we mugs?
  22. I mean we have Silva, Azpi (if he stays), Jorginho (if he stays) and even Mendy. I just don't think for business purposes with wages he is on, he is as vital as he was before. There will be games for sure that if he is not here, we would be like 'damn, why did we get rid of Kante', however there will be a large chunk where he is unable to play due to risk of injury or him actually being injured.
  23. I am in two minds with it. The guy is our best paid player and is not a consistent starter. He is also going to be 32 next season and with his injuries, is it worth keeping a player on the books when we could free up those wages and spend towards other players wages and new signings? We have Gallagher who while doesn't offer the defensive security Kante does, offers same energy and better goal threat. And if we decide to buy another CM, who is younger and even better on the ball, I would not be so against it. I wouldn't say I regret any of the players we sold to United in hindsight (Mata and M
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