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  1. Not being funny but when you say Britain you do realise Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland are included into that ! Should of been question for english members ! Anyways ...Chelsea all day long !
  2. Anyone know if Tesco will be doing a deal for FIFA14 ? I know sometimes on launch day they do whacky deals i think i got FIFA11 ofr £24.97 on launch day
  3. I love hockey ...since I did live in Toronto for a year recently but even before that I loved it . Leafs are my team ...glad we resigned Kadri !
  4. Can you take a shirt that is not bought at the megastore and get it printed ? Ie: Buy a top at sports direct but get the printing done at CFC megastore ?
  5. I received October issue today (oscar cover) top corner badly bashed but all they use is a plastic wrapper as packaging so im expecting the rest of them to come like that.
  6. I got my magazine true blue membership in mid july and I emailed them the other day and they said they would send out the magazines I missed out on aswell as the current one. I received the september issue with Schurrle on it ....despite it saying September is this technically last month's and we should have the Oscar issue ?
  7. It just depends on the person and there environment when I was living in Toronto I was working in a sales environment so I had to talk alot to customers and sometimes they could not understand my accent so you end up changing the way you speak so folk can understand and then you start picking up the accent. Ive been back for over a month but people still say when I say numbers it sounds canadian !
  8. Its more than likely bollocks but the 2 rumours that I have seen on Twitter have been * Jose to bid £22M for Mats Hummels * Torres+Moses+ Cash (Could be 20M) for Suarez Both would be good additions the Hummels one I cant see happening but the 2nd one would be interesting. I just hope we shift Nando at somepoint while he is at Chelsea and to be honest LFC are the only team that would be daft enough to really want him with the wages he is on.
  9. If they have silver lettering for the UCL on the 3rd it would look mint i think. Does anyone know if you go to the megastore at the bridge and get Schurrle does the U has the 2 dots above it
  10. Jeez id prefer if we put our attention to signing Eto'o or some other striker not another winger.
  11. Im glad Jose has put it all on Wazza now ...ball is in your court Wayne grow a pair and release a statement so both clubs can move forward !
  12. We all know we cant afford to let go of Mata but if its true that JM (despite what he has said) isn't a fan of Mata and prefers other players then we have a goldmine sitting on the bench there. In my opinion it should be Man Utd giving us Rooney and cash for Mata not cash and Mata for Rooney !
  13. The PS4 will be launched in the UK on 29th November.
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