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  1. I wanted to go to amsterdam with some friends. No Ticket but just to be there, feel the atmosphere and support the team! Anyone here knows if there is a place for public viewing or something like that??
  2. And Charly Musondo? I didn`t find anything abouth this lad.
  3. Is Chelsea TV going to Broadcast it? or is there an other possibilty?
  4. Werder put out the strongest Team I think. Kevin played first on the right wing and later in a central role. He had some good passes and dribblings but all in all it was a poor display rom him and the whole Team!
  5. Ruben Loftus-Cheek is only 16 years old too! So I thought maybe a talented guy like him maybe gets a chance too! The Club didn`t confirm anything concerning him yet right?
  6. I´m looking forward to this new competition, hope it will improve the whole youth system here together with the next gen series! So I guess Thorgan will play for this Team right? And Charly Musonda Jr. ?? Does anyone know whre this lad will play?
  7. Great to see, that we are the first Big Club, that recognized the quality of the Belgish talents! I mean KDB, Courtois, Lukaku, Hazard and the Musona Brothers. I guess we are the first adress for upcoming Belgish talents now
  8. I saw this video too, and I was so impressed by this guy. I mean he is 15 years old???? and he plays against other nationals teams, so the guys he played against are the sae age and the best players in their country, but it looks like Messi plays against a amateur side. Hopefully this is true and we´re gonna get him!
  9. I watched almost every Porto game this season cause a friend of mine is a crazy Porto fan. Of course hi shoots very often but c`mon how many goals did he score in that type of situation??? Without further thinking I remember 7 Goals this season!
  10. Have you ever see him play??? He is not Selfish!! His passing is very well and he is better than Studge in almost every part of the Game.
  11. I want this guy so fucking bad! Imagine him with Mata, Torres and maybe Hazard or Lucas Moura up front???? JUST WOW!! Please make it happen.
  12. Yes looks very different. But I always thought his power an his body are his best atributes??? The Blackburn made me think of playing him more next season. Such as this years rotation between Torres and Drogba. Of course some more time for Fernando, but this guy has to play!
  13. I dont know if players like Lukaku or Josh who was born in 1993 are able to play. And where is Nathan Ake ?
  14. Kalas, Chalobah, Ake, Bruma, Davey ... What a bright future we have on that position
  15. Finally I saw this lad playing in yesterdays game. I must say he lookd very good, had some great touches and looked so confident. Okay it was just a 20 min. appearance, but I´m looking forward to see this guy in next years competition
  16. He has a bad reputation in Germany. And Podolski, Müller, Reus, Götze and Schürrle are all good wingers so I can understand this desicion. Julian Draxler is a extraordinary german Talent! In my opinion as talented as Götze! Marko is not the Player Jogi Löw likes too.
  17. It`s so difficult to integrate the youth players in to the first team. Honestly I thought it would be no problem for Josh playing at Swansea but he doesn`t even play there! Nat and all the others are so promising but can they make it to the first team? I guess not at CFC unfortunetly.
  18. I`m from Germany and I know this guy since he came to Borussia Mönchengladbach at age 15, cause I`m a fan of this club too! I guess he will never be a Starter for Chelsea BUT!!!!!! he is one of the best players in the world in coming from the bench! He has a very good technique and is able to play almost every offensive position, he also brings creativity and pace. So in my opinion its a good signing, there has to come some more of course but I think he will adapt good here
  19. Maybe he should used as a Winger some times, cause he has all the attributes you need to play that position. As Olli said dribbling, shooting, pace and technique are on high level for that age. If we`re going to use the 4-2-3-1 system permanent, a striker like him or sturridge is useless. But who knows maybe the new coach is able to integrate the talented youth players into the first team. The likes of Piazon, Feruz, Chalobah, Ake and Swift belong to the most talented players in England ! So let`s get the right coach for that project.
  20. It´s so dissapointing, 3-0 up to Blackburn, 75 min. played but not even yet he plays.
  21. Their are some really great players in this Team. I`m talking about Piazon, Feruz, Affane, Ake, Kane and of course Chalobah. The last time I saw a player that age who`s that ready was Nuri Sahin at age 17 in Dortmund. I`m looking forward t next years edition of The Nextgen Series with our young Blues involved Imagine most of this Team are able to play there next season, just Kane, Blackman are too old! Baker, Swift, Feruz, Ake are born in 1995, that means they could play 2 mor years in the youth! Im so proud of these guys :cfc:
  22. tbh til now he didn`t impressed me, he was more than just good no question but I expected more. but today just WOW!!!! great overall performance, uniteds nr. 6 was desperate after just 20 minutes hope he get`s involved this season once, even a cameo would satisfy me
  23. at 6:30 pm any news about loftus cheek? is he available for todays game??
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