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  1. Injuries suck, but right now we are ridiculously deep with crazy variety in the team. No winger, we just happen to have two very good wb who has winger skill.
  2. To some degree you are right, but they probably won't finish with 99 or 97 points.
  3. Actually I do. With city struggling and Liverpool injuries. The league is there for the taking. Squad wise we also don't need much other than a dm.
  4. CHO injury really2 annoy me. He barely played but whenever he got his chances he looked very2 good. Now here come his big chance and he got hammy.
  5. Agree, if I can pick any team as our opp, it is Barca. It should be a relatively easy imo and it is against big team so good for our confidence. We played against barca with immortal messi and it was a nightmare, now he is at mortal level, it is time to turn back the tide. With luck, I can see us scoring big number against them.
  6. I haven't watched grealish play at all but if he is really close to prime hazard. Everyone will offer 100 m for him next year. 100 m for 26 old prime hazard is bargain.
  7. They probably will win the next two, three games and he keep the job. It kept happening for some reason
  8. Anjorin - Giroud - Emerson Jorginho-Gilmour Alonso - Tomori - Chris - Rudiger - Azpi
  9. They kinda want to play in the same area
  10. My biggest concern with kai is more on his combination with Ziyech. Can they work together?
  11. How in the heck he get hammy? CHO barely play.
  12. What we did was we kinda asked our fb especially Chilwell to play conservative. So son like his goal against arsenal, won't play one on one against cb. It f*** up our offense also though because Werner can't play without support.
  13. Mourinho typical 2nd season.Regullon and Hojberg signings pretty much transform the make up of spurs team. The most interesting team imo is still United, if they can find a way to put pogba and fernandes in the same team and still look very balance (what happened to them last season after the break), they are imo one of the best team, i am not sure how especially with the makeup of the team.
  14. United record against big team under ole is actually pretty good although the game plan is actually worse than Mou plan. Back 5,defend2 long ball to Rashford and martial
  15. As long as their front line is firing, united will get result.
  16. Until he improve physically, he won't be able to play as cf in epl.
  17. Pavard? I thought he is very suited to what they want from their rb last year, a bit like azpi role with us
  18. I don't think it will impact Giroud much tbh. But leeds with very high line kinda suit tammy or Werner much more.
  19. So after whole summer of everyone saying our cb are relegation level, it turned out they are perfectly fine.
  20. Quite surprised to see united lost in a game that is pretty much suited to the tee of their player profile.
  21. "Mount is just not very effective yet at the Tools a midfielder has for scoring goals which are long shots and late runs. Lampard mastered those. He didn’t need to attack the box all game but made it count when he did. Maybe one day Mount will master them too. Regardless of position. " Nope, even Lamp himself said if you want to score, get to the box more. Simply by pure statistics alone you will score more. Of course being efficient is always good but constantly being in good position which mean constantly making run is far more important. Position discipline mean absolutely nothin
  22. Maybe complaining about var and schedule too much
  23. Maybe our cb are useless is a myth afterall.
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