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  1. Lamp did well of benching Pulisic. He kinda have to do the same thing with Kai. Maybe covid affected him, I don't know. Early in the season, he has problem against epl physicality now he is just suck at everything.
  2. Hmm, what I expect is progress. That was delivered by klopp. You can see it clearly. Lamp can use lack of training time as excuse but that is it. Squad wise, I don't see massive need anywhere in oue team
  3. Not sure we can do that. Can puli play another game in 3 days?
  4. Oh we probably will finish 3rd or 4th. But i expect us to be much better after 200m signing.
  5. Let me say, all of this attacking problem will be solved once Ziyech is back. But we made 200+ signing. We should be much better offensively but not sure we do. Last year there was a spell when we struggle to score because Lamp decided to freeze Giroud and Pedro. Once Pulisic got injured and tammy misfired we had no other player.
  6. Then take Havertz out bring azpi, play 343. Let azpi handle neto
  7. Pool scored 90+ plus points by attacking from the wing and cross. Their two top scorer are ther wide forward and their two most assiter (maybe not a word) are their two fb
  8. ?????? You must have watched different game. It was awful. Kante + Pulisic FC
  9. I made 0 sense. I was happy when he moved puli to the right but now we attacked only on the left . It was madness. Just keep feeding puli, that was supposed to be the idea not ignoring him
  10. Not sure what you mean by showing him down the line. Because that was exactly what Zouma did
  11. A very2 poor game for everyone, pulisic + kante fc. I didn't understand lamp at all. We moved puli from left to right, I thought that was good move but why we keep attacking from the left. That made no sense, i thought the idea was to keep feeding puli and ignore werner. It was bizzare.
  12. Finally Werner and puli switch position
  13. You don't want to involve Werner in the build up
  14. Not a winger, pretty much lose the ball every time he get the ball ij winger position
  15. Pulisic has been good, but he kinda occupy Chilwell position.
  16. I probably will switch puli and Werner position
  17. I think it is more about losing ziyech, puli and cho. Very2 difficult to play 433 without any winger
  18. I don't understand with people insisting playing Werner as no 9. Is Werner by far our best player? No. It is about the team not just one player unless you just happen to be by far the team best player
  19. I wasn't comparing hazard to Havertz. But Hazard is very2 annoying player. He was the best player in epl without question, but so non chalant. Sometime, he can took season off.
  20. As a 10 behind tammy or Giroud is his best position right now. Ask him to float around and he should be fine but he still struggle with epl
  21. Hazard is just so annoying. Balon dor level talent but just so relax.
  22. Wow, did we really have more points last year?
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