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  1. Lol cho is so mucj better than puli and Werner on the right
  2. Pool played 3 destroyer in ther midfield.
  3. Btw against 343,your two winger need to track back otherwise it is difficult.
  4. Not really, we kinda need somebody to give us control of the game a bit.
  5. One thing for sure we need Ziyech back asap
  6. Probably, I will move puli to the left and just keep feeding him
  7. That is just stupid penalty, but you can tell the moment james was beaten he was kinda riled up
  8. I am pretty sure that assist number pretty much come from deadball
  9. Actually last year it was quite nice especially after we play 433,it was quite clear how we want to attack. Pulisic supported by full back on the left, being fed by Kovacic, perfect. On the right Willian hold the ball high, while mount making channel run with james playing deeper delivering his trademark cross from deep. In the middle we had Giroud and Barkley attacking the box.
  10. It is rare for central midfielder to get numbers. They have to be damn good passer to produce assist from deeper role (cesc) , or have license to vacate his area to attack the box and have good long shot (lampard), or simply you allow them to play higher (silva+kdb) Mount number has dropped from last year simply because he is playing deeper to accommodate Werner and Chilwell.
  11. Changing formation is perfectly fine, pool play 433 and 4231. Not a problem. Like I said before Lamp is probably not sure on how to best utilize this team, injury and lack of training doesn't help.
  12. I think his role to some degree is fine. He need to do less wing play and stay higher defensively, probably we need to defend in 442 more
  13. I think more of space behind. But you are right, Bundesliga is attacker dreamland
  14. Onoy Ziyech and james, no problem f you said there is no kante n especially no mendy then we are in trouble
  15. I don't think we played up and down for the last two games.
  16. Pool was by far the best team in epl last season, yet their midfield doesn't offer much in final 3rd.
  17. And that matter why? I am pretty sure our midfielder outscore pool midfielder last year.
  18. Probably too early to playbas starter
  19. Manchester United is an example how not to build a team. The pieces does not fit and in order for them to be great, so many unlikely thing need to happen. After the break they were considered to be the best team in epl. But that require pogba to be discipline, matic to turn back clock, martial to be top class cf.
  20. If he is truly at peak hazard level, 100 m is too cheap
  21. Hmm so should we sell puli and ziyech then
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