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  1. Any save from 6 yard box is usually pure luck, you just make yourself as big as possible. Hopefully it hit you
  2. Tbf Courtois is also quite poor against penalties if I remember correctly.
  3. I think the most important thing that Lampard need to show is clear improvement in the team. Like many title winning team, us, pool or even city, you can tell the need and once they are met, they turn into title contender. Mourinho 2nd stint We looked good but we can't breakdown deep defense. Fab and Diego came in, done. Pool Klopp build his team pieces by pieces. First few season, pretty much adding quality into the team. Then they neeed a goalscorer, salah. Need a cb and a dm. Vvd n Fabinho done, monster team. Pep 1st season, very chaotic but you can tell the
  4. How did our offense look with cho on the right, puli on the left?
  5. Our signing has been very good on paper but other than Chilwell who imo is pretty much a plug and play the rest is more of a question mark. I think Lamp thought 4231 was the idea. It didn't work quite well because Havertz struggled and we need kante to cover everyone. Spamming cross is not a problem. Pool does that all the time, they just do it with far more intensity. Offensively our problem is more on puli + werner. Against wolves, I said we were Pulisic fc against Arsenal we were no one fc. Both of our flank were useless offensively and defensively. We made arsenal looks good because
  6. Being the most dangerous in that 1st half was useless, almost everyone was awful. Pulisic is very2 good, but in just 5 minutes CHO showed that he is a better rw than puli. With timo as st, I think I had this conversation many times. The question is what do you want him to do?
  7. I see, Pulisic is very2 good but on the right you get far less of the good stuff.
  8. Has anyone watched him plas as rw with Dortmund? On the right he is pretty much useless. We got all his negatives and none of the positive.
  9. I am not sure what do you mean by transitioner. Right now due to Werner and a bit of Chilwell, he need to play deep role. It is a simple role, get the ball from our cb and feed our attacker, and he has done it very2 well. The problem is our attacker has played like ****.
  10. I think we did that last year with james crossing to alonso and Giroud. It was very2 effective against deep block
  11. It is quite simple how to explain our losses, defensively both our fb were not fit. Plus our two winger pretty didn't help them. Arsenal pretty much had a field day on the wing thought they played 343 (I watched the game in patches) but they played basic 4231. Not sure it was fitness issue with puli or Werner but when you are not discipline defensively you need to produce on the other end otherwise **** happened. Offensively, I think until the end of the season either cho or Ziyech need to play. Both Werner and Pulisic are just super2 direct.
  12. I am not sure why force both when your backup is Azpilicueta.
  13. Probably Werner on the left, cho on the right. Havertz with kova or mount. Lamp need to rotate more, play azpi, play cho more. We probably don't have any undroppable except kante (no other option).
  14. It looks like either cho or Ziyech must play for our team
  15. I will definitely rest puli against villa. Play Giroud with werner, cho on the right. Havertz will play, the rest depend on fitness.
  16. Hia side was exploited was kinda because our two winger didn't really defend.
  17. Btw any reason playing Chilwell, he doesn't look fit
  18. Lol, we are not sure on how to play against 343 although we (conte) were the one who bring 343 to the map in epl.
  19. Our offense flow much better in this half
  20. But that was not our problem. Our problem was our two winger were absolutely awful.
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