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  1. Same problem. Winger need to track back against good team.
  2. Please track back, we are playing city for godsake not wba
  3. If pulisic and ziyech need to be replaced asap, either one
  4. Funny we shipped two "dead weight" (willian and alonso), replace them with Chilwell and ziyech and we competed so much better last year
  5. How in the hell that ia not a yellow, then i realize it is Anthony Taylor. The anti Chelsea
  6. Puli and ziyech need to track back, it is the same story as against arsenal
  7. We played them twice last year and we were not bad at all
  8. Zouma is having a nightmare game, bring Christensen please
  9. Christensen is your guy against city
  10. Werner need to go to ole school of diving
  11. I was being sarcastic vesper. If football become who get more penalty contest, I will stop watching
  12. You are absolutely right. Right now, Ole is maybe the best manager in epl. What is the point of finding solution to your offense when you can just consistently get penalty every game.
  13. All th3 weaknesses mean nothing. Ole has done wonderful job of making this united into penalty making machine, plus he used pep "tactical" fouling a lot and get away with it.
  14. I think it is more of lamp thinking our winger are super versatile and pretty much plug n play and clearly they aren't.
  15. Good for him, all he need to is to keep playing
  16. I don't think we are built for Ziyech per se. It is just Pulisic + Werner doesn't really work. The moment ziyech got injured and we played puli + Werner everything went downhill.
  17. FB overlap doesn't work unless your winger can pin opp fb.
  18. We actually have two goalscoring midfield in our team, mount and Havertz. Both are excellent at attacking the box, the problem is something need to give. You can't have everyone attacking the box.
  19. Actually on Havertz case I am pretty sure that is thr case.
  20. Lamp is Chelsea legend, his legacy as player won't ever be tarnished by his performance as manager in fact if he succeed, it will enhance his reputation.
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