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  1. Well if Lampard got forgiven for making fun of USA after September 11, then I am sure Cap can be forgiven as well. Granted Lampard and other Chelsea players got fined and had to apologize, so I assume a week or two suspension for Cap with an apologize would be about equivalent.
  2. Yeah but people don't make money in the EL, so why they should care about meeting any of that nonsense? Is the CL the one you want to be in and should take care of yourself for that. So if teams like A. Madrid think they can make CL, then I guess yes, they will need to cut expenses.
  3. Canadians are hardcore. Don't mess with their strange cultures!
  4. Interesting....but A. Madrid don't make shit from EL, so why they should be so scared? They will still need a striker, so lets just swap Torres for Falcao. I am sure Torres will take a wage cut as well just to be with his beloved team.
  5. Yeah well Mourinho did not loved him, and the club sending him out on some sort of exile was not great support. While Torres get branded as number striker by the club..... So yeah I wish Sheva had received more support like that, and maybe he would have come good like we are still hoping that Torres will come good.....
  6. Said and done. Sheva was the biggest flop for Chelsea, and now Torres with those stats has prove to be the most expensive flop of the entire history of Chelsea. It's a pity that Sheva never received the support that Torres is getting now.
  7. I think he is one of the best scouts I seen. A lot of people say how SAF, Wenger and Mourinho pick good talent....but I am more impress by this guy then anyone else. He should just stick to that, and let the coaching done to better managers like the one mention already.
  8. Is Financial Fair Play working? By Gabriele Marcotti via soccernet
  9. Maybe now clubs will pay attention to the players they are buying and see if they can snatch in. Cause it's the norm that when Arsenal, United or such are interested, a lot of other clubs get also interested!
  10. People slating Mikel??? ..... That is not right, people should be slating Torres all the time!
  11. Actually surprise to see Piazon there in the A. List. Guess selling Meireles and loaning Essien and Yossi opens up space for younger players like Oscar, Romeu and Piazon.
  12. Well now we need to add, giving that teams like Zenit, PSG are spending loads of money then some people are not taking this FFP for real.
  13. Too many hypocrites here, that is all.
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