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  1. There are leaders and there are sheep! you my friend are firmly in the second category!
  2. so you are suggesting we should not have freedom to discuss what we like? No wonder you like the Russian! Perhaps you should change your name to Stalin!
  3. Who says it is about RDM perhaps it is about the way the club is run and the personalities involved! RDM should have never got the job imo but seeing he did he deserved a fair crack. Benitez on the other hand should not be allowed in the door at Chelsea!
  4. The way i see it is that ///i cannot with a clear conscience continue support something that continually does things /i don't like. I have voted with my feet and informed the club to cancel all the shit i have with them. The rest of you sheep who continue to follow something that keeps pissing you off are welcome to it!
  5. I am done with Chelsea as I cannot under any circumstances accept Benitez.
  6. Chelsea 4th was deliberate and designed to get people to read the post! Don't mess with my words unless they break forum rules!
  7. Never miss a game either online or on TV. Used to go to every game in the 70' and 80's but responsibilities curtailed that! Every premier and champions league is on TV but I only ever watch Chelsea! Thailand is 6 hours in front during summer time so champions league is a pain starting at 2AM now 3 later on!
  8. Chelsea have climbed to 4th place in global kit sales. The numbers are below. Manchester United: 1,400,000 shirts per season. Real Madrid: 1,400,000. Barcelona: 1,150,000. Chelsea: 910,000. Bayern Munich: 880,000. Liverpool: 810,000. Arsenal: 800,000. Juventus: 480,000. Inter Milan: 425,000. AC Milan: 350,000. Numbers not as high as I thought they would be, however, here in Thailand you can get a superb copy for 5 quid or an original from the Adidas shop for about 30 quid. CFC get 20M a year so I am led to believe so 20 something quid a shirt at the moment. So if you buy a CFC shirt from the
  9. As a school teacher in Thailand it goes like this I write on the board i hate Man u to lots of boos I hate Liverpool to a fair few boos I hate Arsenal to a few boos I love Chelsea to inbetween Arsenal and pool :readthemessage: :blue scalf:
  10. The FA have shown time and time again that they care more about money than the wellbeing of footballers and the English game! It is about time that the clubs stood up to them and said you either put us first of you can go and fuck yourselves and not metaphorically!
  11. Not at all Pep just came in and picked his team from a suad that was already playing the tika taka system. Pep in my mind is untested in real football terms.
  12. The whole problem is in midfield! we are absolute crap in central midfield, Completely the wrong players for the system he tries to play!!!!!!!! We see what happens against crap teams like Reading and QPR because our central midfiel is shit! The double pivot is everything in his set up but it is so weak it fucks the rest of the team up! For me he has already shown he is the wrong man for the job! He got lucky last season in a couple of games that we would have lost 99 times out of 100.
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