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  1. That's exactly it. The general idea of the Super League isn't bad. It breaks the clubs away from the power of UEFA and Sky, to make more money for the clubs and introduce a bigger fund that filters down the football pyramid compared to what UEFA provides as they retain such a huge slice of the revenues. The current concept though without a system which allows clubs to qualify by merit and also clubs to lose their status if their not good enough makes it unusable. If these clubs are that 'elite' then they would back themselves to be good enough to remain in the competition year after year.
  2. Yeah I didn't necessarily mean targeting specific clubs, it's challenging the hypocrisy within the football community that we've seen in the past couple of days but completely understand your point. That all boils down to jealousy for me. Everybody said that Roman would get bored after a couple of years and bail and leave the club ruined but I would assume amongst the top clubs he's actually now one of the longest serving owners. I was listening to TalkSport earlier. Although he likes the sound of his own voice, I like listening to Simon Jordan because he firstly talks a lot of
  3. This will probably end up becoming a jumbled rant but whatever. Apologies in advance. I'd like to hope that this isn't the end. At the very least fans have found a voice in all of this, but let's be brutally frank this situation is no more than the tip of the iceberg. The two corporations that seem to be coming out of this debacle, if anything, with greater credibility are Sky and UEFA which is quite frankly embarrassing. UEFA have managed to slip under the radar in all this a new format for European competition which on paper, looks dreadful and essentially boils down to a bigger mo
  4. This will be thoroughly disappointing if the case. How is Bruce Buck seriously supposed to represent us on committee's for the Premier League, Europe, etc after this?! One thing I'm almost certain the other Premier League clubs will push for is sanctions in place to ban these likes of being on the committee, representing their club. It's common sense anyway. To start the process of earning that trust back, there has to be changes made at that level and new faces to represent the club.
  5. On one hand they're statement is no different to everyone else's besides Arsenal's and as I've mentioned before, I think us and City have leaked/briefed the press pretty well the last couple of days to try and navigate this mess and exonerate our involvements as best as humanly possible. But I'd love the club to just own the mistake and make a proper apology. Maybe there's something to come tomorrow, it's incredibly late and maybe they felt they just needed something put out there. Ultimately though the feeling is somebody needs to be held accountable within the club for this...and it won
  6. Statement has just come in from the club. "As reported earlier this evening..." @Jason must have checked our conversation first I guess?! Pretty poor effort to be honest. The "Having joined late last week" has been spun out already and seems to be an attempt to try and wash our hands of the set up of this (which I still think us and City will be forgiven much easier than the others). I'd like to hope something a bit more detailed is released tomorrow which is less formal and a genuine apology to our fanbase and the wider football community. I said it earlier, to be fair to Arsen
  7. Yep, like I said before, one league of 36 teams so you won't even play everybody. How is that remotely fair? If you're competing against teams in a league format you have to play everybody in it for fairness. And I saw point 2 the other day. That was UEFA's pathetic attempt to pander to these elite clubs. Like has been argued over the last couple of days everything should be achieved on merit. I hope they retract that one.
  8. Perhaps but that may have been enough as a collective to announce this plan. The league always seemed at least a couple of seasons away (I think an exit was likely planned at the point of the Champions League reforms), so its possible that such legal bindings would have come in at a later date. Either way, the fact everyone seems to be bailing out now on it will probably help any potential legal matters should there be any.
  9. Honestly the Champions League in its current format is fine. The way it's now ranked in terms of league champions being pooled in pot 1 is fairer than it used to be and helps throw up some more exciting groups (some poor ones too though). This one big league sounds rubbish, especially when you don't play everyone in it - how is that expected to work for fairness and integrity? It sounds worse than the format when we first played in 99/00 when you had to get through two group stages to reach the knockouts! The only other viable option in my opinion would be a full league format,
  10. More information will follow but legally binding has come from Perez's interview yesterday. There's lots of speculation it was a letter of intention. I'm sure we'll see in due course. If there are financial repercussions then it teaches a lesson. I'd be very surprised though if there are European bans. UEFA would secretly probably love to make an example, but they will not want to water down their premier competition to that degree next season. At the end of the day that's the whole reason this has kicked off in the first place! I think the biggest punishments will come politi
  11. I must say fair play to Arsenal. They're mostly a complete shit-show nowadays but their statement is actually excellent and very apologetic. I'd like to hope what we do end up officially announcing is of a similar sentiment. Spurs though, Levy has expressed regret but no form of apology and basically just a statement trying to justify themselves.
  12. It'll be interesting to see whether Bruce Buck leaves the club shortly. I think his position is untenable now. Reports suggest Roman wasn't keen on this as it was so it must have been driven by someone and has left the club now with so much negative publicity to deal with. Buck is about 75 years old now too, he's not going to last forever. It can be done in an amicable way similar to that of Woodward. There's been all sorts of talks about punishments in the Premier League but I don't think point deductions will happen. Instead I think heads will roll in high up positions in these 6 c
  13. We always take forever to announce anything. If the club are that bothered about the timing they can word it as "As reported earlier this evening..." or "Earlier today we...". I think it's been made clear though throughout the last couple of days and today that City and Chelsea have made a mistake following everyone else into this and been planning to remove themselves since. Not that this exonerates either from blame, but it's pretty clear who the drivers of this were.
  14. Briefing the press that we're out earlier was enough initially. Everyone knew as a result we were dropping out regardless of the official statement but was never going to be announced by the club with the game on tonight.
  15. The club wouldn't release a statement whilst the game is on, think ours will follow later tonight.
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