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  1. Reports from France suggesting we've now made a contract offer to Dembele. Of course this could be more agent spinning from his camp, but from what it appears over the past few days we've shown interest to him this whole time without putting our cards on the table. It's not left us in a bidding war with other clubs and in particular Barca which it seems is what Dembele's camp were expecting to drive his demands up more. It looks like this has backfired spectacularly if reports from Barca's end are correct with regards to the offer they've made him. If we did manage to get him, I'd expect
  2. The importance is putting a plan in place throughout the club. There's never been a trend with our managerial appointments for starters, which is why we're so regularly left with so many players ill suited to the man in situ. Just look at the last 4 managers - we've gone from a back 3 counter attacking system, to a progressive back 4 system, to Lampard trying to play rock and roll football, back to Tuchel's back 3 but in a more possession, controlled based approach compared to Conte's system. When Klopp and Pep both walked in they made a lot of changes and were backed to let players
  3. I agree on the rotation of the attack I think it's been excessive at times and does impede the chances of a player getting a good run. Tuchel probably needs to be stricter in this regard and get a bigger run of games with a preferred front 3. Maybe buying one or two of his own players will help with that. It's not like attackers have regularly failed under Tuchel though. Aubameyang and Dembele thrived at Dortmund, Neymar was at his best at PSG under Tuchel, so I wouldn't point the finger entirely at him being unable to get the best out of attackers. I do think our attackers as a group hav
  4. I'm not sure myself about Ake. I see him in a similar way to Kounde in that I think he is suited to a back 3 but I wouldn't trust him to be a centre back in a back 4. I think if we did go for him, he would essentially be replacing Christensen as the utility defender that can cover a couple of the positions and I think my thoughts on it would really depend on how much he would cost. De Ligt for me is the big one we need to finalise, I think he has enormous potential to grow into one of the best centre backs of his generation. I'm not a fan of paying £80m+ for him but if we could get him f
  5. I think there's arguments about his system with regards to attacking players (especially when we lost Chilwell and James last season) but all of these attackers were inconsistent under Lampard too. They've all had periods of blowing hot and cold under Tuchel which is the most frustrating aspect.
  6. I'm not advocating Ake, but a lot of people felt the same way about Rudiger when he waltzed back into the team when Tuchel came in. Christensen stepped up, Chalobah stepped up, a 37 year old Thiago Silva looked about 25 years old. I trust Tuchel and the system he uses to bring the best out of the defence and whilst I think there are better options available I do think Ake's skillset is well suited to a back 3.
  7. No idea but he grew up in London and was only round the corner in QPR's academy so it's very possible.
  8. Maybe they want a new signing to be front and centre of the promotion of it. To be fair Sterling given his standing in the Premier League, the national team, etc would fit that bill pretty well.
  9. De Ligt reminds me of John Terry when he was 21-22 years old pre Roman. Exudes a real presence and leadership mentality and maturity at such a young age, gives off this impression he'll eat you up if you let him. I think his ability on the ball is very similar too, as in it looks like it's there but needs refining. JT for me became every bit as good as the likes of Rio Ferdinand and these other defenders deemed to be 'ball players' without the credit but that part of his game took a while to come together and really blossomed into his later 20's and beyond. JT had the opportunit
  10. I'm not sure if he's creative enough to fill that role. With coaching he could possibly take on Kante's role in midfield of the 'hunter' for the ball but in my mind he's screaming out for a 4-3-3 system. I agree on Emerson and Kenedy though. I still believe both will go. Emerson was an ideal plan in January to keep our powder dry but ultimately there's a reason Tuchel let him leave on loan and that's because he wasn't good enough. His loan spell hasn't changed that. If we weren't going to sign anyone and Alonso is definitely on the way out, I'd rather use CHO in that position.
  11. There have been a number of players down the years we've signed who were out of favour at their clubs and have ended up having excellent careers here. I'm not advocating Ake but I think he would be much better suited in a back 3 and would actually probably be a lot better here than at City. On a flipside of this, I'm quite worried about Gallagher coming back here and fitting into the current system. He feels a square peg in a round hole unless Tuchel has some different ideas for how Gallagher would fit. Players need to be the right fit for a club and system.
  12. But like the new owners he had no previous experience within football. The people that he surrounded himself with at the highest level too (Buck, Tenenbaum, Marina) had no real experience within football either. Very much learning on the job. He did make some key appointments like Peter Kenyon, Frank Arnesen, etc with a lot of football experience in key roles though, it's important that Boehly gets some of these appointments right in roles within the club (chief exec, sporting director, etc)
  13. Surprised to see Cech leave, was hoping he'd stay on but with the other departures it was also a real possibility. Biggest worry now is that Tuchel feels exposed. We've all unheard how unenjoyable he ended up finding the PSG and Dortmund jobs with regards to having to manage upwards and from what has been reported the Chelsea structure with Marina and Cech protected him from that and allowed him to just get on with coaching. Based on what has been reported regularly, Boehly will back Tuchel and I assume part of that will also be to build a structure around him that doesn't leave him
  14. I read a few days ago Juventus wanted Koulibaly to replace De Ligt.
  15. Let's see how they fare with European football to navigate this season. The Europa League could easily throw up some pretty remote and long trips around Europe and I think that could have an impact on their season next year. The season couldn't have aligned better for them last season and they still didn't manage top 4.
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