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  1. Rudiger is without question the main one. I'll be disappointed if Christensen leaves and we would miss Azpi's leadership and versatility as a squad player but if Rudiger re-signs and with Silva already in the bag, I wouldn't be concerned with losing the other two.
  2. It's an awkward one to assess the risk levels because it's not like the case of Saul where you can lock him into a future deal if things go well. If Dembele came here and was a success, the likelihood is we would be competing with other top teams for his signature in the summer on a free and his wages may have just gone up a fair few grand for a deal. I think given his injury record and the way his Barca career has seemingly spiralled it's probably a lower risk to do a loan deal and see what he can offer to us. Knowing our luck though he'll be one of the few loan signings you'd actua
  3. No doubt his form pre injury was above any previous levels he had performed at so maintaining that would always be the biggest question mark. In a way though the same could be said of Reece on the other side who had a period this year similarly at a level higher than he has shown previously. Ironically when Chilwell went down injured, I felt Reece's performances dropped a couple of pegs down before he got injured too. What cannot be denied though is the alarming drop off in both the offensive and defensive facets of our game linked directly to the loss of Chilwell and James. I firmly
  4. I agree. I know that our opinions on Chilwell differ as I rate him higher then you do and consider him to be a more than good enough left back for us to be challenging for trophies (put it this way, if Chilwell was the biggest problem position for the club I think we'd be doing extremely well) but you are spot on with what we should be looking for as an alternative left back/left wing back option for him. Chilwell could take a long time to get back to that form he was showing pre-injury. He may never even get back to that, it's not a given and shouldn't be taken as one. So we have to
  5. @Vesper is this who you mentioned the other day?
  6. We're being linked with Dylan Williams from Derby and apparently Rooney has confirmed they're in talks with a Premier League team today. Anyone know much about him? 18 year old left back.
  7. I managed to get my Ballack shirt signed by him through a third party who were sorting out his security cameras at his house. They said they dealt with quite a few players in the London area and he was easily one of the best and easiest to deal with. Great player and great person.
  8. Whilst there was obvious demand for Hazard and a fight for his signature, he was very much still potential over undoubted world class talent at that time. He became world class here. Regardless of who is perceived world class or not though it's a clear trend that's been at the club during Roman's tenure. We've always had a much better track record either buying younger players who have then developed in their time at the club or what would perhaps be more 'obscure' or low-key signings compared to the big money marquee signings. I know there's less margin for error perhaps with a bigger mo
  9. I'm pretty sure Sterling has said in interviews before that he'd like to go and play abroad whilst he's still at the top level so I wouldn't be surprised if his contract runs down a bit more if that were to happen. I can't see him going somewhere else in England directly from City.
  10. The only thing I'd be concerned with bringing Maatsen back is how keen is Tuchel on him. Tuchel has at least talked up Emerson as someone he trusts could slot back in and "do a job". Emerson is never going to be the long term answer, but at least if he was brought back for the rest of the season I think Tuchel will use him and rotate Alonso with him. I think we have to accept that we'll struggle getting anything in January that upgrades on Alonso but we do really need an alternative there that Tuchel can use regularly if needed. I know CHO and Pulisic have played there now and again
  11. Think it was like a goals show from the previous week on a Saturday morning and then a live game on a Sunday afternoon but I could be wrong it was a bloody long time ago!
  12. Growing up in the early to mid 90's it was THE league. I used to watch Italian football I think it was on channel 4 on Saturday's and Sunday's and used to buy the magazine too. It was just brimming with quality players and teams so deep into the league. Look at the players Chelsea bought during that time from Italy - Gullit, Zola, Di Matteo, Vialli, Desailly. Some of those were in their 30's and considered in decline and not good enough anymore over there but came over here and did phenomenal. How the tables have turned like you said with the likes of Giroud, Dzeko, Zlatan, etc still
  13. This and our issues with Lukaku only continues to highlight in my opinion how poor the Italian league is. It's the same reason why I'd be hugely cautious about players like Vlahovic.
  14. I completely agree there has to be a balance, a manager can't just be blindly backed with any signings they want. But it's just as important I think for a manager to be given time. I understand the club in the past have had to pull the plug on people like Conte and Mourinho once things have turned toxic but there certainly doesn't appear to be such an issue with Tuchel. He represents the club well in the media, seems to get on very well with Marina and Cech and this Lukaku debacle aside, seemed to build a very tight knit group of players. With the success he has already achieved here whi
  15. That recruitment also extends to managers and the bigger picture or vision the club has. If we're not prepared to back Tuchel properly then where does the next manager lead us to? There has rarely been a long term plan, we just seem to go for either the flavour of the month at that point (AVB, Sarri) or the one with the highest pedigree available on the market. There never seems to be a rhyme or reason behind it. It does feel like there needs to be a strip back somewhat. The most sustained success the club had was when it let Mourinho have quite a bit of influence in the makeup of the squ
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