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  1. Midway through the second half RLC seemed to switch into that holding role instead of Gallagher and it did seem to wrestle back the initiative of the game.
  2. Gallagher will be a decent midfielder for a bottom half Prem team because he has bags of energy and running, and can do a bit of everything to a reasonable standard but at the level Chelsea require he just does not look good enough technically unfortunately. The composure and passing of Drinkwater, Barkley and RLC is much more crisp and polished.
  3. I can see Tuchel using Broja in the first team squad next season.
  4. I can see Bournemouth's defending has got no better since Eddie Howe left.
  5. Good delivery there. Nice finish from Broja, he looks pretty sharp.
  6. Drinkwater looks significantly more comfortable than Gallagher in that midfield two. Maybe it's down to situations with Gallagher not wanting to put a foot wrong, compared to Drinkwater looking to impress but he's been much more involved and his passing range is a lot more polished. Not saying for us to keep him but if we can't shift him he could probably do a job at backup next season in this system. Also CHO is definitely an option at RWB next season against sides we're likely to dominate as he'll stretch teams more than James or Azpi can.
  7. Must be a back 4 with that team. I guess Sterling and Alonso at full backs and Sarr one centre back. No idea who the other centre back is though, Drinkwater?!
  8. I suppose one argument would be that a number of these big, strapping centre forwards we're talking about probably don't have as high a skill level as him. I've watched a few videos of him today and one thing is he does look powerful across the ground so I don't see him being consistently bullied in that way. The height is obviously a concern but everything else about him looks very, very good. He's never going to win everything in the air, and there will no doubt be cases where it is a problem. However no player is completely perfect and if Tuchel is looking at defenders who are co
  9. Which wouldn't have been in the last couple of hours. So once again we have a situation where we've heard next to no links with a player, nothing from the trusted, reliable news sources and then when things do break they are already seemingly in an advanced situation. It's the exact reason why people shouldn't be getting so worked up about the lack of news and links in recent weeks.
  10. The option of driving down the fee with a player could be very good for us given the abundance of players we still need to try and move on. Anyone know Sevilla well enough to be able to suggest who could be realistic to push their way? Obviously wages is a big consideration, but Sevilla should have a pretty decent pull for players and can offer Champions League football too.
  11. What would you say is a "good fee" for Kounde?
  12. Everyone mentioning the RCB slot but could Kounde potentially cover Rudiger too in the LCB spot? Surely he'd be more comfortable there than Zouma is.
  13. I would tend to agree with this if we stick with a back 3. Not so sure if we wanted to play a back 4, however (I haven't really seen enough of him to make a judgement) I have read that he has a very good leap on him and he does have a good success rate of winning aerial balls.
  14. He's also a backup player for us, compared to an important player like White is for Brighton or Rice for West Ham.
  15. I think it's important that Kante continues to be managed so you're possibly right with another quality midfielder to add. From what it sounds Tuchel seems to like Sterling at RWB so if he can stay fit it could very well be Azpi, James and Sterling across those RWB and RCB roles. Silva and AC for the central role and then Rudiger and Zouma for the LCB role. I would prefer a better fit there than Zouma, although as backup we could have far worse. I agree with the attack. I just don't see the players out there on the market beyond a Haaland or Kane that we can be confident will add an
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