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  1. Jajajajaj good one....
  2. I do belive this is going to be tha same History of Arshely Cole with Arsenal.... Remember Mou can take Key player of the Rival .... and Rooney is Sick with Moyes....
  3. Any Stream?? Please.... Working Here!!
  4. Guys any good Stream Working...... In this part of the World is 7:45 am..... I´m Working jejejeje
  5. Thanks but I did not Work for me.
  6. Any Good Stremean or Radio or Whatever Thanks
  7. This Pre Season Remains me at the last Pre Season of Carlo Anchelotti....And I´m Telling U guys.... What start Bad.... Finish Bad... It has been a very sad Pre Season... Defense Sucks!! all of them.... Lampard is the Only player in tone... Strikers...Well I do feal we don´t have... Hazard all ready is confused in the Tactical System... and This is Di Matteo problem.... And Ladies and Gentlemen... This was Di Matteo last test and he use the best team he had... SO WE ARE F***K so far
  8. Well after watch a few videos,... I´m not yet Impress, But... I most admitt... Hulk is maide for Premier League. He is strong like his NickName, fast and have Skills, very powerfull player, I do not know how good He will do it, but He has the Skills no doubt about it
  9. Did U Guys Read this... Carlos Leite,Hulk's agent,on Twitter:Hulk is but one foot in Chelsea. Agreement shall be final only when the player back from vacation.
  10. Uffff..... We were lucky!! Here: Radio Style... on ChelseaTV: http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/114591/1/watch-manchester-city-vs-chelsea.html
  11. Mou is coming home..... yesterday Night I had a Dream and I saw the Special One in a Chelsea Sweeter and I look at him and told Him: "Welcome Home Boss" and he Smiled at me!! SO HE IS COMING HOME
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