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  1. Yep. Still very averyage, despite being named MOTM, despite nice goal and beautiful assist. Average. (pun intended).
  2. Some great reads in this post about KDB, predictions a few years ago.
  3. Haha, what player has done that, really? Apart from Ronaldo (Messi? Nope) maybe. Messi and Ronaldo are being lifted as "gods" also because of their goal scoring numbers. Would the same amount of goals be possible in EPL?
  4. Great, he should moon him as well
  5. Hope he trashes us today. Mourinho was a moron, as well as the appointment of the old dutch Guus which is moronic in every way.
  6. Delighted with the sack, happy for the players. Now is the time to replace some old dusty furniture (terry, iva) and play some attacking football. Eden will be relieved.
  7. Define crap. Bbc: City break, Kevin de Bruyne sweeps in a brilliant ball, cuts out three defenders to find Yaya Toure - and he fluffs his connection.
  8. What he lacked at chelsea, was a high enough price tag, which resulted in zero credit.
  9. The arrogance... The season in bundesliga doesn't count? No wait, it need's to be PL, the best league in the world (some great defence btw, pun intended). He is better than Hazard...
  10. KDB >>>> Hazard in NT yet again. He will be for sure the better player in terms of stats, more direct, fast play. Hazard really slows things down.
  11. Summary of this topic: Haters gonna hate... Don't convince them to admit they're wrong, they never will. Period.
  12. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/458284/Exclusive-Manchester-City-expect-Kevin-De-Bruyne
  13. Wolfsburgh finished second just by playing counter attack? What a load of cr** you read on these forums. Wonder what he has to do, for Mourinho and his admirerers to realize they were so wrong.
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