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  1. No James so we should focus DCL and Richalison. Both can link up very good. I think we will lose a goal(as i dont have Chelsea defender in fpl ) but Puli&Werner will do a game for us.
  2. Will be not easy to stop James&DCL.But i think our first defence line is very strong and Mendy will be tested. Mendy James-Zouma-Silva-Chilly Kante Mount-Kova Werner-Giroud-Puli 3-1 Werner 2 goals, Mount free kick and DCL header.
  3. It was just a case to put him back and he back to form from Leicester and Conte first season. Beast.
  4. And that we have a lots of games now in December. He missed almost half of season now when he will be back.
  5. If Werner finally will start shooting at target we will be fine. Silva&Zouma
  6. Sorry i dont like them But from that point they could stay in PL. Looks like Bruno got something at warm up. Just when i got him in FPL. https://twitter.com/FPL_Tater/status/1333044807904727044?s=20
  7. So you are telling me that team which almost got Europe last season now have 1 point and have worst start ever after 10 games? Wow. A lot of people saying that Wilder didnt want 5 subs and now got what he wants. LoL Imo Sheffield can do better and personally i hate mostly Burnley and hope they will relegate finally. But... keep eyes on tomorrow game
  8. Fcking Pep ruining my fpl with benching Cancelo. Why he stick with Mendy :< LFC fans crying on var, i'm dont get it. There were offsides and that faul was clear(finally Robbo got justice).
  9. Hope Frank will not play with 5 defenders. I would go with. Mendy James--Zouma--Silva--Chilwell Kante Kova---Mount Ziyech----------------------Werner Abraham Shame that Puli is not fit as Werner is not in form.3-1 win would be good
  10. Welp Emerson is playing good vs Poland so he may be a back up but i wish that Ben has nothing serious. You cant imagine how i hate internationals break.
  11. Arsenal was warned but they prefer to call him a beast after 2 assists vs Fulham in first match lol They just got what they wanted
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